Friday Flashback: TCN9 Willoughby

A few video memories today as Willoughby closes its gate....

A few video memories today as Willoughby closes its gate….

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  1. When Studio 1 was busier, it did Today (every day), “Turn Round Australia” (Religious Program), 60 minutes intros and pieces to camera, ACA, The Sunday Footy Show, Lotto, (KAK only moved there after the show was scaled down and shifted from ST2),… and more……..

      1. TCN9 had a Studio 3 back in he 70s. A converted cleaner’s store in the basement next to the canteen. 1 camera, 1 mic., controlled through Prog Contunuity. Used for News Headlines and several other talking head needs to avoid the regular disruption of Studio 1, not to mention not requiring a full studio crew. As TCN9 didn’t have a caption scanner it was also used to look at a digital clock, to provide a time clock on “Today”.

  2. That’s 24 hour timelapse of Studio 1 video is fascinating. They really were able to utilize the one space for almost 24 hours each day. I didn’t realise Lotto and Kerri Anne were filmed in the same room!

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