Hot Seat resuming Melbourne production

Nine’s Hot Seat will resume production in Melbourne next week after its Gold Coast holiday.

Eddie McGuire steps back onto the seat at Docklands Studios on Monday, having filmed 30 episodes up north.

The show will remain COVID-safe for the immediate future with no studio audience yet returning.

It’s not clear when this run of episodes will hit screens, but potentially in 2021.


  1. You can certainly now distinguish what are re-runs and what are new episodes on both the Chase and Millionaire so the networks cant get away with fooling their audience anymore. I’m sure the ratings are reflecting that. Maybe its time they ran new episodes on Fridays.

  2. Since the ratings are down in both Adelaide and Perth, it’s a good time for the set to move their to promote the show. Hot Seat could potentially beat The Chase if promoted in other failing cities.

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