Latest glory for Bluey

If you thought Overnight numbers were big, wait until you see Timeshifted numbers.

New episodes for ABC KIDS series Bluey may have knocked it out of the park in Overnight viewers -but the glory doesn’t stop there.

Timeshifted numbers are now in for the first new episode.

October 26’s early evening episode drew an extra 758,000 viewers in 7 days after broadcast. A massive. rise of 259%.

Overnight Consolidated Total
1 BLUEY-EV 292,000 758,000 1,050,000
2 BLUEY-AM 404,000 21,000 425,000

The evening episode even cracks 1.3m including regional viewers.

And that’s without VPM (iview) audiences.

Truly a TV superstar….

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  1. That is huge!! I did a double-take!
    Am I right in thinking that if people in the panel watched via iView on their TV it would be included given it is audio-matched and there are no ads?
    And will we see the VPM figures for it? I looked on OzTAM for L7D and it mostly looks like Roadkill, Gruen etc… hard to believe they are above Bluey on iView given the above!

  2. Well done Bluey. Some really good episodes this season.

    Questions, if it isn’t including VPM, what data is the ‘time shifted’ figure using? And, how does data know the difference between the AM and PM figure, given it is the same show being watched a later time.

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