Neighbours wins UK soap awards

Neighbours has been recognised with two awards in the UK’s Inside Soap awards winning Best Daytime Soap as well as Stefan Dennis named Best Daytime star for resident baddie Paul Robinson.

The honours are particularly gratifying because the judging includes the series’ 35th Anniversary special episodes as well as stories filmed during COVID.

Neighbours was widely recognised worldwide for finding a working drama model to remain filming, formulated by Jason Herbison (Executive Producer), Kate Kendall and Andrew Thompson (both Producers) and Chris Donis (Line Producer). It was a model replicated by scripted drama around the world.

Remarkably the win for veteran Stefan Dennis is his first ever award.

“This a very special prize during what has been a hard year for many people and a big thank you to our UK fans who have stuck with us through thick, thin and COVID,” he said.

Producer and recent ADG award recipient Kate Kendall, said: “What a year it’s been. So proud of what we’ve achieved at Neighbours. No one knew what to expect. Every day has another challenge, a different challenge. Massive congratulations to our entire team, Channel 5 and of course to our loyal audience.”



  1. I don’t know the plan’s for this Xmas but Neighbours airs all year round -no breaks.
    RTE in Ireland is also three weeks behind as Channel 5 in the U.K. call the shots.
    They won’t let RTE go ahead off them. Channel 5 also call the shots with Home and Away.

  2. It’s about time they bought it back to the main channel. I know there are obstacles to that but surely such a long running show should be treated better. Put it on at 6pm. Couldn’t be worse than Family Feud in that slot

    • Neighbours is so much more dynamic, interesting and fun than H&A. It nods to its past more and laughs at itself more while still having great dramatic scenes and storylines.

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