Nine trims promo department

Exclusive: Around a dozen redundancies were made in 9Creative following changes to tech & skills at North Sydney.

EXCLUSIVE: Nine culled jobs from its Promo department last week, as part of relocation to the new North Sydney headquarters.

TV Tonight can reveal around a dozen redundancies were made in 9Creative last week.

The shift from Willoughby has led to technological and skills changes but COVID has also seen smaller teams working across projects.

In recent months many Nine staff have been working from home.

Nine declined to comment.

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  1. … years ago 9 set the bar for promo production but then let it slip while 7 took over the number 1 spot … in the last couple of years they seem to have got their mojo back and have been firing on all cylinders … hope these redundancies don’t mean the end of that …

  2. Heard around 20, and they were sad to go but also celebrating their emancipation from 9Creative himself. Doors being knocked at ABC, SBS, 7, 10 and Foxtel by those creatives who put that c word into the team, leaving the other c behind, copying.

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