Oops. Seven News on Nine.

Seven News presenter Mark Ferguson and reporter Chris Reason made a ‘guest appearance’ on Nine News last night.

Spotted on a screen from the latter’s new North Sydney home was a live Seven News bulletin.

While all networks invariably keep an eye on the opposition, it’s not exactly what you want viewers to be seeing.


  1. It was common in the past to have seen TVs switched to various channels in the background of news rooms or studios. I assume it is to see what the other channels are showing. Whether it is an oops moment can be interpreted differently. It’s also silly trying to conceal after as it would unlikely make a difference. What is the real impact? I’d guess maybe one or two viewers out of tens of thousands spotted Mark Ferguson or Chris Reason on the screen in the background and switched over based on that.

    • There’s a vast difference between a video wall of multiple monitors showing foreign news feeds, BBC/CNN,ABC/CBS/CNBC/DW/NHK etc., and a sole monitor front and centre displaying one’s opposition broadcaster. Hence why it was changed for a later shot.

      • I recall the screens in the news backgrounds, though blurry or not overly clearly visible, were also showing local free-to-air channels from various networks.

  2. I remember a few years ago on ten late news you could see all the other networks playing in the background, blurred by a glass background but could still make out what was playing

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