Peter Overton: “Do it. Now.”

Peter Overton shares some personal news, with a skin cancer warning.

Nine News presenter Peter Overton is recovering from surgery after having a melanoma removed.

Overton, 54, took to social media to urge others to be vigilant about skin cancer.

It drew a sea of well-wishes including from the likes of Derryn Hinch, Larry Emdur, David Campbell, Angela Bishop, Damian Ryan, Brett McLeod, Kumi Taguchi, Sophie Walsh, Hannah Sinclair, Belinda Russell, Zoe Daniel and Mike Dalton.

A speedy recovery!

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  1. Yes don’t leave it. Get checked. Last year I ignored what turned out to be a melanoma. After surgical removal of that plus another, it was discovered that melanoma had spread to my lymph glands. Given approximately a 30% chance of survival, after 12 months of immunotherapy I am OK. Found out only yesterday that I am in complete remission.

    1. That is great and helps me immensely. Great to hear you’re doing well. Am just about to start immunotherapy. Had the lymph gland biopsies last week. Drs say this is not as drastic as chemotherapy and outlined their 12 months plan with surgery to remove the lymph. Thing is, I have no external sites so, on the surface, nothing to see. Suspected a rogue cell left from a ‘small’ removal 20 years ago been attracted to the lymph node. In my case a skin check didn’t see it. But 100% agree regular skin checks are vital. Meanwhile, Nine Sydney is still running “Nine News with Peter Overton tonight at 6” promos. Get well Pete. That bandaging shows a small mark is no ‘small’ matter.

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