Reputation Rehab: Nov 4

This week Reputation Rehab speaks to 2019 Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield, who found herself subjected to social media abuse and negative press coverage.

In the space of a few weeks, Abbie Chatfield went from total nobody to “dirty slut” and “f***ing gronk”, and all it took was a little stint on The Bachelor.

As the first Bachelor villain to make it to the final, Abbie experienced a torrent of negative media coverage, abuse and death threats from viewers. So, who is to blame for the shaming – Abbie, the show or the viewers – and when Kirsten and Zoe meet Abbie, can they help her rebuild a real life from the reality rubble?

Production credits: An ABC and CJZ production. Creators, producers and writers: Sophie Braham and Melina Wicks. Presenters, writers and producers: Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge. Series Producer: Sarah Douglas. Executive Producer: Nick Murray (CJZ), ABC Executive Producer: Nick Hayden.

9:05pm Wednesday on ABC.


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