Reputation Rehab: Nov 4

Zoe & Kirsten speak to 2019 Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield.

This week Reputation Rehab speaks to 2019 Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield, who found herself subjected to social media abuse and negative press coverage.

In the space of a few weeks, Abbie Chatfield went from total nobody to “dirty slut” and “f***ing gronk”, and all it took was a little stint on The Bachelor.

As the first Bachelor villain to make it to the final, Abbie experienced a torrent of negative media coverage, abuse and death threats from viewers. So, who is to blame for the shaming – Abbie, the show or the viewers – and when Kirsten and Zoe meet Abbie, can they help her rebuild a real life from the reality rubble?

Production credits: An ABC and CJZ production. Creators, producers and writers: Sophie Braham and Melina Wicks. Presenters, writers and producers: Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge. Series Producer: Sarah Douglas. Executive Producer: Nick Murray (CJZ), ABC Executive Producer: Nick Hayden.

9:05pm Wednesday on ABC.


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