Returning: Larry the Wonderpup

Season 2 of locally-produced kid’s series Larry the Wonderpup begins on 7TWO on Monday.

Co-produced by WTFN and Chocolate Liberation Front, the scripted series was commissioned by Seven with additional funding support from Film Victoria and Fred Media, WTFN’s international distribution arm.

Timothy Powell, WTFN’s producer said, “We are often told that working with children and animals is a recipe for disaster but producing Larry the Wonderpup is a genuine joy. We have a talented young cast, a Larry (who’s actually a female dog called Trinnie) with perfect timing and enviable acting skills and an ingenious team of young female writers who have made this new series funnier than ever.

“WTFN is thrilled to be supporting emerging Australian writers in this way and proud to now showcase their extraordinary creative talents, not just to viewers at home but also in the international market.”

An imaginative mix of live action and animated adventures, plus great music, Larry the Wonderpup sees rescue pup Larry and his best pal, 11-year-old Sasha, tackle themes like friendship, community and the importance of being yourself, while getting into all manner of crazy, madcap and sometimes subversive situations. In season two, for example, live-action Larry manages to vomit on live TV after becoming the face of a dog food brand and leads a rebellion at the vets, helping to free rats, chickens, cats, parrots and lizards!

For this new season, WTFN created a writers’ room featuring a number of talented young female writers. This included Lorin Clarke (daughter of respected comedian John Clarke), who also created the award winning ABC RN fiction podcast The Fitzroy Diaries and Nicolette Minster, a writer on Erinsborough High. Nicolette is also an actor, playing Mrs Crotchetby in the ‘Larry’ series’, and she is also known for her various characters in Kinne Tonight, and for appearing in Neighbours. Joining Lorin and Nicolette in the writers’ room was Neighbours and Erinsborough High writer Libby Butler, who has just written and produced her own Screen Australia funded web series, Love in Captivity, as well as comedian, performer and writer Vidya Rajan – recently signed to comedy agency Token – and Mel Sano.

Season one (18 x 30) of Larry the Wonderpup was a big hit overseas, with Fred Media licensing the show to the US (NBCUniversal), Russia and CIS (1HDTV), the Middle East (beIn Neo/Al Jazeera) and across Asia (ABC International). It also had a second window at home on ABC iView and ABCMe. Season two is destined to follow in its pawprints with numerous negotiations already underway. In addition to the main half-hour format, Larry the Wonderpup is also available as a shortform 76 x 3 animated series.

7am Monday November 30 on 7TWO.

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