Rhonda Burchmore “disappointed” over Carols cast

Showbiz doyenne Rhonda Burchmore has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment at not making the roll-call for Carols by Candlelight this year.

She last performed at Carols in 2010, but while she has previously noted her disappointment, this year it is drawing headlines.

Carols by Candlelight family varies its line-up each year, but Marina Prior, Sylvie Paladino, David Hobson are regulars along with the great Denis Walter, who has performed for more than half his life, plus Vision Australia ambassador Anthony Callea and husband Tim Campbell. And Santa.

Showbiz is tough even in festive times. Not even Debra Byrne, Hi-5 nor Humphrey B. Bear get an annual invite.

Rhonda, who was a favourite on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, currently has a new single, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas.’

Here she is in fine form way back in 1994.


  1. Maybe because she was on ch10 and regularly on ch10 morning programs 7 don’t want her? Maybe could have cut some who do two songs back to one to give a bit of variety and difference to the performances if that freed up room for Rhonda or others.

  2. In a year that has arguably been hardest for the performing arts and music I can’t blame any performer for feeling a little despondent about missing out on work. But these shows need to include performers old and new if Carols is to stay fresh.

  3. Rhonda is a song and dance legend, especially in Melbourne. I’d rather see Rhonda than some of the other regulars. There are a few female performers who are too similar, yet Rhonda is more jazz/cabaret.

    Love yah Rhonda xx

  4. I’m be watching with interest to the hundreds of upcoming other articles on the TV Tonight website regarding the hundreds of other living performers who have never performed over the years on Carols By Candelight.

    Rhonda Burchmore has performed on Channel 9 many times over the years, including countless times on The Don Lane Show alone.

    News Corp thrives on following twitter accounts and making beatups in their standard clickbait style (Outrageous snub indeed).

    If Max Markson reads this story, I’m sure he’ll be only too delighted to give you a list of candidates who have been snubbed by Carols for story ideas.

    Who have you got planned for tomorrow – Little Pattie?

    Seriously David, aren’t you potentially opening the floodgates on this one?
    I’m sure you personally know other showbiz colleagues who have never had the opportunity.
    And yes, I like Rhonda too.

    • With respect I think you will find the Herald Sun opened the floodgates yesterday with a “snub” headline (as hinted in the story and in Rhonda’s tweet). As you and I both note, there are plenty of performers who miss out. Cheers.

    • If News Corp really cared via it’s ties with Foxtel they could do an alternative one on FOX8 and invite the “snubbed” ones, try and one up their rivals over at Nine Fairfax, as that’s likely all it’s about really, throwing some shade at them.

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