Richard Wilkins protests “total nonsense”

Nine presenter hits back at a magazine cover that implies a secret relationship.

Nine entertainment editor Richard Wilkins has taken to social media to deny a magazine story which implies a secret relationship with Terri Irwin.

A New Idea cover declaring “Terri & Dickie go public” was met with a terse response on Instagram.

“Really??? Please don’t buy a copy of this trash hoping to learn about “Terri and Dickie going public”. Such bullshit!!! …. and so disrespectful to me, my partner Nicola, Terri and our families. Why? Is there not enough stuff going on in the world right now to write about …without having to fabricate total nonsense????… #NoIdea” the Weekend Today host wrote.

But the mag story takes a different turn to the headline tease, referring to Bindi & Chandler’s upcoming baby arrival.

An insider tells New Idea the legendary celebrity journo is first in line to bag an exclusive chat with the new parents, as soon as they’re ready to go public and show off their bundle of joy to the world.

It also couldn’t resist referring to his “very close bond” with Terri and her children.

Terri Irwin, who has also been linked to Russell Crowe by the tabloids, did not comment on her socials, preferring to focus on Steve Irwin Day coming up on November 15th.

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  1. Years ago the overseas magazines used to make up the stories and New Idea and Womans Day would copy, and now the aussie magazines make it up themselves. I can get gossip on the internet so I am not sure how long these magazines will be around.

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