US Presidential Election: what late night hosts are saying

"Apparently a lot of voters looked at 90,000 COVID cases a day and thought 'Sure I can do 4 more years of this.'"


Here’s what US late night hosts have been saying about the US Presidential Election and a very long waiting game…

Jimmy Kimmel Live: “There’s still a lot of attention being paid to the state of Pennsylvania. The Amish haven’t wielded this much power since they figure out how to hook a plough to an ox.”

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon: “The race is still too close to call. Apparently a lot of voters looked at 90,000 COVID cases a day and thought ‘Sure I can do 4 more years of this.'”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: “I am still on the election set because the election is still going on.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: “How to the polls just keep getting worse? What are they the New York Knicks?”

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: “Much like my college boyfriend who had some very strange fetishes, this election can’t finish until all the mail has been sorted.”

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  1. Reality show update…. soon to be axed, “Keeping up with the Trumps”……short term replacement likely to be, “Slowing Down with the Bidens”…..swiftly followed by the prospective ratings blockbuster “The Kamala Harris Show” which will be renamed simply…. Kamala…..going fowardl

  2. Notice that in recent years all reference to the conservative side of US politics refers to Trump, not the Republican Party. Trump has swallowed the Republican Party. The Republican Party is now personified by Donald Trump. Pro conservatives even here in Australia talk about Trump – not Republicans. This Messiah-like approach to an individual has had a sad result in history particularly during the last century.
    Watching SkyNews AU, CNN, ABC News 24 etc over the last few days, it has been really instructive to learn more about the US’ ‘college’ system of voting. And amazingly there is no federal voting system. Each State or County decides its own voting rules. Totally weird! Hopefully, Australians watching the US election on TV will be thankful for Australia’s well-managed election process.

  3. I’d say after all of the coverages is that extrapolated results were not a sensible way to display election figures. There’s no problem with just going by the verified true voting data. It gives the impression that they didn’t want to disappoint viewers that adhere to the networks’ demographic bias by displaying results in a non-sensible way. It’s disappointing that Antony Green also uses this method and it could backfire to make assumptions about voter intentions if the aforementioned type of analysis hasn’t resulted in adjusting of presented figures before. It wasn’t the best election and coverage overall and it showed in the criticism of the broadcasts. Also, some of the comedians would expectedly go with the biased narrative as well as they usually do being based in Democrat majority LA and NY. The lack of continuation and interruption of vote counting was also rightfully…

    1. Virtually all elections are called on projections where there is sufficient data to do so. In the states where there isn’t, and thanks to calling incorrectly in the past, they’ve not made a call, hence why we are still waiting the result.

      1. It’s probably time to do away with vote projections. The Arizona declaration controversy in which some channels, one of which was Fox News had declared AZ before a clear majority without doubt shows why it’s unnecessary.

          1. Going by the latest live Trump news conference in which CBS cut off mid way for presenter commentary, the concerns about vote counting may continue to be determined by court judges.

      1. Kylie, around 69 million Americans voted for Trump in this election after 4 years of his antics. Sometimes you have to reconcile your views with reality. Joe Biden got more at around 71 million, but if the Democrats had put forward a more dynamic candidate, they would have smashed it and there wouldn’t be breathing room for the current conspiracy nonesense

        1. Yes but how sad is that – that 69 million voted for him. I guess it’s easy for us to look from the outside in – I love America, have been a few times and it breaks my heart that they have a leader as despicable as him. Hopefully not for long!!

      2. Agree I still don’t get how anyone can go for an evil narcissistic sociopath who lies, cheats and is a racist. Obviously people who think the same way way or are insane or totally without brains as well, which is the most frightening thing.

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