What I’ve Been Watching: Issa Schultz

The Chase's 'Supernerd' is a fan of The Good Fight, The Crown -and was nearly cast in Dancing with the Stars.

The Chase‘s Issa Schultz, aka ‘Supernerd’ is a fan of The Good Fight, The Crown -and was nearly cast in Dancing with the Stars.

Here’s what else is on his watch list:

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
IS: As a proud Brit, I will undoubtedly pounce on The Crown this weekend, the theme music alone just draws me in! What an incredible production. The Good Fight is another, I’ve followed Christine Baranski’s career since noticing her in Reversal of Fortune and then Cybill of course. Such a talented actress, incredible to think she already had two Tonys under her belt by 1990. Excellent writing in the show (though I do prefer it when they get into the courtroom / onto cases rather than harp on about Trump). The show deserves better numbers here in Aus.

How has lockdown affected your viewing?
IS: Living in Brisbane we have been so incredibly lucky compared to our friends down south. The only real feeling of “lockdown” I had was doing hotel quarantine after Beat the Chasers. During that time Brydon got me onto Brooklyn 99 – first time I’ve laughed out loud in quite some time. Outside of quarantine it’s been business as usual – if watching free-to-air I much prefer catching it live rather than using a catch-up service, call me old-fashioned.

Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit to watching?
IS: Look, I may have gotten into The Real Housewives of Melbourne somewhere around Season 2. Gobsmacked that people have these sort of lifestyles (and personalities)! A glamorous day out for me is a trip to the local Westfield. Otherwise – I’m not sure if this is a guilty pleasure or just showing that my tastes skew rather old, I’ve just started watching Columbo for the first time via Google Play. Oh my goodness it is fantastic!

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
IS: A big packet of crispy M&Ms (err would explain the weight gain), a Diet Coke, and a book in my lap. I find most of the time my mind is “on” so I always have to be doing something, whether I like it or not really. I am trying so hard to keep the phone out of the hands but I find myself going to IMDb mid-show to learn about an actor / what else they’ve been in etc.

What show you would secretly love to appear on?
IS: I had actually been approached for Dancing with the Stars shortly before it got the axe (the first time), I think that would be have been a lot of fun. Otherwise, probably Have You Been Paying Attention and (predictably) Jeopardy. And finally, channelling Good Fight again, I think it would be awesome to play a lawyer in a TV show. When was our last Aussie legal drama? I can’t even remember. Surely there was something after Rafferty’s Rules?!

Does Beat the Chasers put more or less pressure on you and what can we expect to see in upcoming episodes?
IS: Personally I find the pressure is off perhaps just a little as I’ve got back-up this time. If I don’t know an answer, chances are someone else will. I don’t have that safety net in the regular show. All the Chasers get along so well, really, SO well. I’ve made some lifelong friends. The buzzer element is interesting, we obviously want to win as a team – but I feel we all secretly want to get in first with the right answer. Quizzing does have a slight “show-off” element to it at times.

Coming up we have a couple of lovely contestants who try jolly well to put me off! It may just work on one occasion. There’s a dramatic slip-up from a Chaser in the buzzer round that comes to mind, and of course the Grand Final where we bring the Top 7 back is all good fun. I think it’s great to see a show that celebrates (and rewards) knowledge, and this introvert feels incredibly fortunate to be a small part of it.

Beat the Chasers airs 7pm Sundays on Seven.

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