AFL extends Foxtel, Telstra deal

AFL deal to the end of the 2024 season follows from Seven extension.

The AFL has extended it broadcast rights agreement with Foxtel and Telstra for a further two years,
to the end of the 2024 season.

The deal follows on from the earlier extension by the Seven Network, both totalling $946 million over the 2023-24 period.

CEO Gillon McLachlan said, “We’re very pleased. We’ve got great partnerships and we feel that we’ve got the best game in the world, partners that appreciate that and partners who are happy going forward supporting the industry because it’s Australia’s No.1 game.

“This deal is for another couple of years’ time. The events in Sydney this week has shown the uncertainty around COVID, which we believe will be around next year.

“This deal is a show of faith from our broadcast partners, it’s obviously a show of strength of our product, and what it enables us to do is work with our clubs, those in trouble and the stronger ones, with a four-year funding envelope.

“I feel very confident that we will rebuild the balance sheet of those clubs and the industry by the end of this agreement.

“We’ll work hand-in-glove with the clubs, even if next year continues to be uncertain, to make sure we make prudent decisions for the long-term strength of the clubs and the game.

“This deal with our long-term partners enables us to plan properly, review funding models, CBAs, soft caps and others through the first half of next year.”

Foxtel will continue to show every AFL and AFLW game live, including through Kayo, and will have replay and highlights rights.

Seven retains exclusive rights for the Grand Final but the AFL is conducting a review into October’s night time Grand Final, to be completed in March with a decision on the time of the 2021 Grand Final to be made “probably” in April.

“My personal preference is I’m open. Traditionally, I’ve supported a day Grand Final, I think I’ve been open about that, but it was an incredible experience at the Gabba for those of us who were fortunate enough to be there. So my decision and the Commission decision will be better informed by a proper engagement process we’re going through with industry figures and supporters,” said McLachlan.

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  1. Wish that the AFL Streaming on the AFL App was not limited to 7 inches, as it’s a convenient way to watch even without being able to mirror cast it, get that as part of my AFL Teams Members pack. However at $110 per year for all games plus replays and other Membership perks (non access) t’s bearable and I can’t complain too much.

  2. It’s a shame the vast majority of footy fans won’t be able to watch most AFL matches on the TV.
    The AFL should have upheld the Government’s sports anti-syphoning laws and ensured all nine games a week are on FTA

    1. Ah, no. That doesn’t make sense for the FTA networks to do that.

      The vast majority of fans can and are watching it via the various avenues they have – with Kayo proving to be a popular choice.

      Shame they couldn’t make some changes so that the online games that currently are the 7 feed aren’t changed to the Foxtel feed so that their are no adverts and be given a choice for the grand final to watch it without adverts via Fox Footy.

      1. I don’t think there’s been any clarity on that yet. The reasons Foxtel and the AFL couldn’t do a deal in August but are now able to haven’t been revealed. I suspect the on-passing of the 7 feed for streaming, along with the requirement for Fox to make most non-victorian games available to 7 locally in those markets were central to it.

      2. Oh yes I hope fox have sorted out the copping the seven feed for their 7 broadcast games on Kayo, so frustrating, I can’t believe they hadn’t sorted that out in the last rights rounds, fingers crossed they have fixed that this time, time to modernise.

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