Airdate: Danny and the Human Zoo

One-off drama is loosely based on Lenny Henry’s life as a working-class teenager.

One-off comic feature drama Danny and the Human Zoo is coming to ABC.

This is loosely based on actor and comedian Lenny Henry’s life as a working-class teenager in 1970s Dudley.

The story centres around Danny Fearon (Kascion Franklin), a talented impressionist, and his working
class Jamaican family. When Danny wins a talent competition at the local club he soon finds himself
working the comedy circuit, eventually hitting the big time on TV, an unheard-of achievement for a
young black boy. Danny has it all – fame, fortune, and the girl of his dreams.

But Danny’s new life isn’t all it seems. Exploited by an unscrupulous agent, Danny’s success drives a
wedge between him and his family, including his colorful, high-spirited mother (Cecilia Noble) and
pragmatic father, portrayed by Lenny Henry. Having made his name by becoming other people,
Danny has to save himself by finding out who he really is.

8:40pm Sunday December 13 on ABC.

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