Airdate: One Lane Bridge

NZ murder mystery starring Joel Toebeck & Dominic Ona-Ariki premieres on 7TWO.


2020 NZ murder mystery One Lane Bridge starring Joel Toebeck (Tangle, Doctor Blake Mysteries) and Dominic Ona-Ariki, premieres tonight on 7TWO.

Filmed around Queenstown, the 6 part series also features Dominic Ona-Ariki, Dean O’Gorman, Alison Bruce, Aidee Walker, Sara Wiseman, Ryan O’Kane and several cast from The Almighty Johnsons.

Produced by Great Southern Television, there are contrasting user reviews on IMDb ranging from 1 – 10, but it kicks off tonight with a double episode.

Set in rural Queenstown, One Lane Bridge combines the suspense of international blockbusters like Broadchurch and Bancroft, with a Kiwi connection and small-town familiarity.

At the heart of a small Southern town is a one lane bridge, which sets the scene for the mysterious chain of events.

Dominic Ona-Ariki plays newcomer detective Ariki. An outsider in the town, he struggles to earn the trust of the tight-knit community and his superior officer, Stephen Tremaine (played by Kiwi acting veteran Joel Tobeck).

Investigating a possible homicide, Ariki soon finds himself reawakening the town’s spiritual and curious past. Small town secrets threaten to unravel the community, and mysterious signs start to haunt Ariki.

The inclusion of Māori spirituality sets One Lane Bridge apart from other crime drama miniseries. “I thought it was such a wicked element that they were able to bring in,” says Dominic who is of Cook Island Māori descent. “A cool way to bridge the gap between two worlds.” His character has Matakite or a “second sight” meaning he has visions of the dead. Struggling to come to terms with the investigation and his spiritual gift, Ariki gets on the wrong side of the locals and jeopardises his career.

9:30pm Thursday on 7TWO.

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