Big week for I’m a Celebrity

10's opening week of 2021 has set supersized-episodes.

10 is taking a big plunge with its opening week of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here -with two hour episodes each time.

It’s a lot to ask of viewers, but 10 is pinning its hopes on little competition.

It will start with 5 nights from Sunday January 3  – Thursday January 7, with most episodes leading into a 9:30pm movie.

10 also looks to be setting 1pm replays the next day.

Here are the latest video clues.

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  1. Geez – I already get easily bored of the show with normal 90 minute episodes thinking they are too long. Will be there for the first one, but most likely not every night unless it is left on in the background while doing other things…

  2. I’m really looking forward to our locally-filmed season premiere! I couldn’t care if the episodes were 3 hours long! I’ll be recording it and watching it after every Big Bash game!

  3. Well I guess since this season is pre-recorded they have more time to make it more dramatic I guess, but it also means there is no excuse to go over the scheduled time then either (but hey, what reality show on any network sticks to its dedicated slot end time regardless of live or recorded)

    1. Some of the rumoured celebs are Bec Hewitt, Jack Vidgen, Ian Thorpe, Colin Fassnidge, Israel Folau Paulini, Rob Mills, George Calombaris, Tania Zanetta and Lindsay Lohan (here for masked sinher filming).

  4. I’m not to sure this will work in their favour ,so it basically will start 7.30 to 9.45 so too long.
    This works best at 75-90 minutes maximum so I think that’ll happen after first week and only 3 nights per week not 5.

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