Gallery: Nine North Sydney

Step inside the new home of Nine at 1 Denison Street.

Nine’s new North Sydney home was officially opened last week.

Nine Entertainment Co. has nine floors at 1. Denison Street North Sydney, with the 9th floor home to CEO Hugh Marks, Director of Television Michael Healy, Head of Production Adrian Swift, Programmer Hamish Turner and Head of Publicity Victoria Buchan.

Floors are open plan with very few offices, but several meeting rooms. They are linked by an internal staircase joining floors including the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Nine News, studios, sport and more.

Most impressive is the Nine newsroom with chiefs of staff raised in the centre of the room with tentacles of teams who can all respond to breaking news.

The largest studio is on ground level allowing for public access without having to enter the towers. There is also a large and versatile studio for Nine News / Today and a smaller one currently housing A Current Affair.

There are no grand harbour views, with the building surrounded by other office buildings and North Sydney retail.

Ground floor security

Ground floor

Ninth floor reception

Master Control Room

Nine newsroom

Internal stairs

Board room

Viewing room

60 Minutes office

Dressing room

News studio

Bistro (former boardroom table)

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  1. I thought in the new building they were going to be like Sunrise with people able to look in the window & wave while they are on air & go out to chat with them during ad breaks. I think that’s part of Sunrise’s popularity. They are accessible to the public.

  2. Love new office builds. Thanks for the photos David!
    Wonder if security takes your photo like Foxtel HQ?
    Anyways, waiting for that announcement in a few days that you will be taking some deserved time off, that’s when we know it’s officially Christmas 🎄.
    Thanks again for your work this year!

  3. So many, many monitors! Someone must be savvy with switches and cords. Makes me wonder if some are just for the new North Sydney internal aesthetics? Does make it look full of bells and whistles. Notice closely that many are just blank or test pattern or some technical holding screen.

  4. Nice tour!
    I like the 60 Minutes sign; presumably saved from their old ‘çottage’ at Willoughby?

    You mentioned a studio on the ground floor that has direct public access. Is this intended to be for studio audiences, or is it too small for that. Is it the case that none of the studios are large enough to host a show like Midday or the Footy Show?

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