How does Reef Live shoot at night?

Reef Live screens tonight on ABC, as the first of two special live in AEDT timezones capturing the once-yearly phenomenon of the majestic mass coral spawn.

The specials are shot in Cairns, Townsville and at locations around the Great Barrier Reef -but how will it film live underwater when the special is screening in primetime?

ABC sources indicate producers have brilliant new camera technology with minimal impact lighting that will show the coral spawning in all its glory.

Hosts Hamish Macdonald, Brooke Satchwell and Jordan Nguyen will be at Reef HQ in Cairns talking to guests, throwing to live crosses with reporters on the reef. There are also have some packages that they have pre-produced, but most is live to air.

Guests include Marine biologist Dr Dean Miller, free diver and marine scientist Lucas Handley, and shark advocate Madison Stewart, Dr Ann Jones host of RN’s natural history program Off Track.

ABC will also be at the AIMS National SeaSimulator in Townsville where scientists are working through the night, during the spawning, with corals in controlled reef live environments.

Friday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 8.40pm on ABC.

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  1. It’s yet to be seen but so far it looks like they’ve associated with the more reputable Reef HQ and Australian Institute of Marine Science instead of a disgraced FNQ local educational facility that was involved in fabrication of research and scientific misconduct regarding coral reef marine studies and the unfair bullying, intimidation, or sacking of staff and public that had expressed concerns about fabricated research.

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