“It’s great to be back on a red carpet”

On Monday Angela Bishop was back where she belongs, on a showbiz red carpet at the AACTA Awards – her first in 9 months.

It was a pared down event on Monday with select press, limited invitees and zero ‘plus ones.’

“It’s great to be back on a red carpet and I like this new idea of having some space! The last red carpet I was on before this was the Oscars in March, just before shutdown,” she told TV Tonight.

“It’s great to see everyone so excited to be here and celebrating after such a rotten year for the arts, in particular.

“Dan Andrews’ press conference became a TV show -I’m surprised it’s not nominated!”

Meanwhile her Studio 10 work takes her through until Christmas, alongside Sarah Harris and newcomer Tristan MacManus.

“I think Tristan’s a natural. I think he’s just fallen into what he was always meant to do, and I think he’s loving it. He and Sarah have a beautiful chemistry,” she added.

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