Keith Urban, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Rita Ora for The Voice.

Keith Urban and Guy Sebastian are returning to coach The Voice, in its new outing on Seven, to be joined by Jessica Mauboy and British singer Rita Ora.

Ora has previously coached on The Voice UK in 2015 and been a guest judge on The X Factor UK.

Keith Urban said: “The stars have finally aligned again! Ten years after spinning in the first season, and just before getting back on stage around the world, I’ve been invited back alongside a very cool and musically diverse panel.”

Rita Ora said: “I love The Voice and I absolutely adore Australia so this is a match made in heaven. Having been a coach on the UK series, I know just how powerful it can be in making dreams come true. I can’t wait to find Australia’s next superstar.”

Guy Sebastian said: “The evolution of The Voice in 2021 is genuinely exciting. I am so happy to be working alongside these amazing coaches. I have known Jess for a long time, I am a huge admirer of Keith and Rita is a great talent. I really feel like this panel will genuinely nurture a new generation of artists.”

Jessica Mauboy said: “I’m so proud of the talent that exists in this country. I know firsthand exactly how life-changing a show like this can be, so I’m honoured to be part of such an experienced team of coaches and I’m looking forward to some amazing chair-turning moments.”

Seven’s Network Director of Programming Angus Ross said: “A show as extraordinary as The Voice deserves superstars as its coaches and that is what we will deliver in 2021. Keith, Rita, Guy and Jess are the best of the best and we are thrilled they have chosen to mentor a such a talented group of singers.

“We can’t wait to bring the new-look series of The Voice to Seven, where it will join our other hit shows including Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia, Holey Moley and many more.

“Combined with a revitalised and more dynamic format, ground-breaking new design, and most importantly phenomenal artists delivering incredible performances, The Voice promises to be one of the TV events of 2021.”

ITV Studios Australia CEO and Managing Director, David Mott, added: “We are tremendously excited by the fantastic new line-up of internationally acclaimed coaches for The Voice in 2021. This will undoubtedly be a series like no other! We seriously cannot wait to bring this brand new season to audiences on Seven – it’s going to be phenomenal.”

The 10th season of The Voice will be hosted by Sonia Kruger in 2021.

Auditions are currently underway.

Source: Seven News


  1. I heard a comment from a producer in one of the papers that it was going to be all “killer no filler” – in other words, no judge nonsense. Yet they hire Guy Sebastian who was responsible for one of the most manufactured dramas by turning for a contestant when his team was filled to try to manipulate Kelly Rowland…

  2. Sounds like a great line up. I just have a feeling Jess Mauboy will get troll’d like Delta, she’s sometimes a bit over the top with dancing etc….hoping she’s got a thick skin.

  3. I honestly think its a great lineup. I know some are going on about Delta and Kelly in particular but Delta is signed to Nine and has her own production company now plus is touring and Kelly is having a baby so you know there is that. Plus i love Rita Ora. She won X Factor in the UK and also a coach on The Voice before but also love her music. I think it could be a good panel. I hate how people judge before they see it. Jess and Keith there too is going to be fun i think. I will say though, I thought Seven would go bigger with one of the coaches though.

  4. Seven sure was cocky about the celebrities they were going to get – talk about underwhelming.
    Rita Ora must be the most famous pop star nobody knows a song by.
    Keith has already done the show, so his addition is hardly mind-blowing.

  5. Why they would not bring back x factor over the voice still blows my mind especially demo wise.

    Strong coaches here but makes me think this lineup would have been so much better for Australian Idol 2022… wonder if guy and jess will do that too… 2 for 1 $$$ lol

    Also Rita was a judge for 1 season in the UK X Factor 😊

  6. Pretty Great Lineup!

    Good to see 3/4 are Aussie Talent.

    Been saying for years Rita Ora needs to be brought out here for some TV work! Great get.

    David Rita was a judge on Voice UK and the winning judge on X Factor UK 2015 rather than a guest judge. She is also currently a ‘Guesser’ on The Masked Singer UK.

  7. Looks like it’s going to be a fun cast…although they sort of downgraded Delta for Jess and Kelly for Rita.

    I’m not sure why 7 wanted The Voice though, rebooting X Factor’s bound to be better

    • What’ll happen is Seven will get half way through the series, then will realise it’s not doing as well for them as they hoped. They’ll then blame ITV and anyone else – let’s say the sponsors of the show – and will take them to court accusing everyone of conspiring against them, in order to get out of the contract and avoid paying the $$$ they’ve spent on this show. 😉

  8. Ok I do like the judges with this. It is interesting how much time Rita Ora will spend now in Australia and she now has gotten bad PR because she breached COV19 protocols/ laws twice in the UK. I will admit everyone deserves a second chance. She is also one of the judges on the Masked Singer UK which starts on Boxing Day in the UK.

    • I came here to say exactly this. Rita’s public image in the UK is at rock bottom right now because of her covid selfishness (she only apologised because she got caught). I imagine she will happily flee to Australia to do something different for a few months!

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