Latest clues for I’m a Celebrity cast

Opinionated Twosome, Funny Lady, TV Star, Brownlow Medallist & Diva into the Aussie 'jungle.'

10 has been dropping more clues about its cast for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, currently filming in northern NSW.

Double Act
What’s better than one celebrity entering the Aussie jungle? A pair of celebs entering the jungle together, that’s what. Not content with being separated, this duo are never seen too far apart from one another. They’re the yin to each other’s yang, the salt to their pepper, the meat pie to their tomato sauce. That got you thinking? Let’s give you a hint: This opinionated twosome is used to dishing it out… but now the shoe is on the other foot.

Funny Lady
This stand up is used to heating things up, and even calls the stage her home. What a hoot! Will she or won’t she be crowned Queen of the Jungle, just like a funny lady before her?

TV Star
With one of the biggest names in Aussie TV heading into the jungle, we know you’re searching your small screen knowledge to guess who it could be. Here’s a hint: why would they be going into the jungle if they’re scared of monsters? And while it may not be the island holiday they had planned this year, it sure will be remote. Will they have everything under control heading into their new bush home or will they let their fear get the better of them?

Brownlow Medallist
What rhymes with downlow? Brownlow! If you guessed that tough one correctly then let us reward you with our latest celebrity clue. This Brownlow medal winner may have what it takes to ace it on the footy field but will they make their mark on their new Aussie jungle home? Will they be crowned King of the Jungle or bomb out entirely. One thing’s for sure, there’ll be no stoppages for our celebs when they head in their new home away from home on Sunday, 3 January.

Renowned Chef
Used to stirring up heat in the kitchen, will this renowned chef have what it takes to make the cut to become the second kitchen maestro to claim the King or Queen crown? They may think that because we’re staying home this year it’ll be a piece of cake but will eating critters get the batter of them?

And with a true diva also set to head into our Aussie jungle, will they become the best of campmate friends or will our diva create friction to cause fire?

7:30pm Sunday January 3 on 10.

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