Mike Larkan returns to 10 News First

3 months after being let go Mike Larkan returns to showcase Melbourne for 10.

Melbourne identity Mike Larkan, who had 24 years at 10,  is returning to 10 News First just 3 months after he was let go (TV always reinvents the wheel only to realise what it has lost….).

Peter Ford broke the news this morning he would return to showcase the city rather than resume weather presenting.

A Network 10 spokesperson: “We’re thrilled Mike Larkan is back to present Mike’s Melbourne, every Friday in 10 News First. Mike’s Melbourne will shine a light on what’s happening in our city and across the state, showcasing events around town, as Victoria is brought back to life post lockdown.”

A good outcome.

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  1. A bit of a nod to their past and “Mal’s Melbourne”…

    Wonder how they will fill the dead air in Adelaide though? Weather girl Kate left to read some auto-cue on upcoming Adelaide events from the Melbourne studio?

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