New doco funding for ABC, SBS, NITV.

Updated: Latest Screen Australia funding includes docos on anxiety, bushfires and preventing suicide.

Screen Australia has announced over $2.5 million of funding for 12 documentaries including for ABC, SBS and NITV.

They include NITV’s Incarceration Nation, Celia Pacquola-presented Australia vs Anxiety, and Osher Gunsberg fronting Can Science Prevent Suicide? for SBS.

Screen Australia’s Head of Documentary, Bernadine Lim said, “Documentaries offer a unique opportunity to hold a mirror up to ourselves and reflect, understand and question. As we come to the end of 2020, a challenging year for so many, it’s clear that these compelling documentaries will shine a light on the important issues facing Australians including mental health, the impact of the devastating bushfires and the environment more broadly.”

Screen Australia’s Head of Indigenous, Penny Smallacombe said, “2020 saw the Black Lives Matter global movement unfold, and here at home the widespread support for Indigenous Lives Matter illustrated the ongoing injustices faced by Indigenous people with regards to the exceptionally high rates of incarceration in Australia, and the devastating Black Deaths in custody that have continued long after the Royal Commission in the 1980s. Incarceration Nation will be vital viewing for all Australian audiences.”

Incarceration Nation
1 x 80 mins
Bacon Factory Films Pty Ltd & Bent3Land Productions Pty Ltd
Writer/Director Dean Gibson
Producer Helen Morrison
Broadcaster NITV
Synopsis Incarceration Nation will tell the tragic story of the systemic injustice and oppression of Aboriginal people in their own lands at the hands of our justice system.

Australia vs Anxiety
1 x 55 mins
Joined Up Films Pty Ltd
Director Sally Aitken
Executive Producers Dan Brown, Jacqueline Willinge
Broadcaster SBS
Synopsis Celia Pacquola is on a mission to find out how Anxiety is affecting Australia.

Can Science Prevent Suicide?
1 x 60 mins
Lune Media
Director Jodi Boylan
Writers Paul Scott, Jodi Boylan
Executive Producers Jodi Boylan, Paul Scott, David Galloway, Leonie Lowe
Broadcaster SBS
Synopsis A  journey to investigate how new science, innovative thinking and technology is helping prevent suicide.

3 x 57 mins
Artemis Media Pty Ltd
Director Peter Rees
Writer Tim Winton
Co-Writer Peter Rees
Line Producer Karen Williams
Executive Producer Celia Tait
Broadcaster ABC
Synopsis Celebrated Australian author Tim Winton takes us on a lyrical and passionate exploration of Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range and Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia to reveal how this pristine natural environment can enrich all of humanity.

Our African Roots
1 x 51 mins
Chemical Media Pty Ltd
Director Tony Jackson
Writers Santilla Chingaipe, David Collins
Producers Santilla Chingaipe, Tony Jackson
Executive Producer David Collins
Broadcaster SBS
Synopsis Uncovering Australia’s forgotten African history, from the First Fleet to the Eureka Rebellion and beyond.

Rebuilding Mallacoota
3 x 60 mins
Renegade Films (Australia) Pty Ltd
Director Tony Jackson
Writer David Collins
Producers Joe Connor, Lucy Maclaren, Ken Connor
Broadcaster ABC
International Sales ABC Commercial
Synopsis After a bushfire almost wiped them off the face of the earth, can a ragtag band of citizens from a deeply divided community overcome their differences and seize control of their own destiny to save their town from dying?

Anonymous Club
1 x 90 mins
Film Camp Pty Ltd
Writer/Director Danny Cohen
Producers Philippa Campey, Samantha Dinning
Distributor Film Art Media
Synopsis With unprecedented access to the personal and private life of notoriously shy, but widely acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, Anonymous Club delicately and intimately explores the inner life of an artist in conflict with herself.

Beyond The Stars
1 x 22 mins
White Spark Pictures Pty Ltd
Writer/Director Briege Whitehead
Producer Jess Black
Executive Producer Briege Whitehead
Synopsis Experience the greatest scientific endeavour in history as you step onto the Australian site of the incredible Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope and be transported to the edge of the Universe in spectacular 360° virtual reality.

Black Summer
1 x 15 mins
Tiny Beast Pty Ltd
Writer/Director Chris Phillips
Producer Katy Roberts, Chris Phillips
Synopsis In the midst of a nation on fire, Australian photographer Matthew Abbott immerses himself in an unprecedented environmental catastrophe to deliver imagery which will reverberate around the world.

Cleaning Trauma
1 x 85 mins
Walking Fish Productions Pty Ltd
Writer/Director Lachlan McLeod
Producer Charlotte Wheaton, David Elliot-Jones
Executive Producers Virginia Whitwell, Nick Batzias
Synopsis Cleaning Trauma charts the journey of larger-than-life trauma cleaning business owner Sandra Pankhurst, as she begins a search for her birth mother and reinvents herself as an icon for resilience.

The Front
1 x 90 mins
Carver Films Pty Ltd
Writer/Director Eddie Martin
Producers Anna McLeish, Sarah Shaw, Katy Roberts, Katia Nizic
Synopsis Through first-hand footage from those on the ground, the audience is put directly on the frontlines of Australia’s most devastating bushfire season, delivering a uniquely powerful insight into a disaster that captivated the world.

The Village
1 x 52 mins
Roar Film Pty Ltd
Director Eliya Cohen
Writers Steve Thomas, Martine Delaney
Producers Kath Symmons, Steve Thomas, Martine Delaney
Impact Producer Felicity Blake
Executive Producer Craig Dow Sainter
Synopsis At a time when aged care is under intense scrutiny, a radical new development in Hobart aims to turn dementia care on its head by focussing on the individual and their life experiences as the basis for future care.


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