On Hiatus

It's been an extraordinary year, but now it's time for a circuit breaker.

Yes it’s that time…  TV Tonight now enters summer Hiatus mode.

It’s been an extraordinary year …for viewers, for the industry and even for TV bloggers. This year was full of sad tales as production halted, the arts struggled, and we were confined to our homes.

While we learned to work remotely, I’m reminded of the words one exec generously acknowledged: that TV Tonight served as a ‘digital town hall’ keeping industry informed of news and various ways to adapt.

At one point in March I was contemplating whether to add a special Coronavirus section – it already outstrips those dedicated to Eurovision, Logies, Upfronts, Olympics, Pilot Week and Elections. Mental health was also at a big factor and it was a pretty intense year in terms of news, comments, moderating.

TVT also took no mid-year Hiatus in 2020 …so I’m looking forward to chilling and even catching up on some shows I haven’t seen.

From today the site will publish news each morning Monday to Friday, plus breaking news as required. There are still features, interviews and reviews to be published over this period.

There will be limited posts on weekends.

Voting will also get underway shortly for the 14th TV Tonight Awards! We’ve all binged a lot this year and I’ll file my annual “Top 5” soon.

Please note there may be some delays, including for Comments, Ratings and Calendar -your patience is appreciated during this time.

Don’t forget the Twitter feed @tvtonightau and continue to stay safe observing all the best advice to help keep our numbers low.

thanks, David.

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  1. Merry Christmas, happy hiatus and I hope you have a wonderful break, although it never really feels like a proper break since you still update the site so regularly. Happy holidays to all my fellow TVT readers also and here’s to a better 2021 for us all.

  2. Thank you …you have brought some semblance of joy and normality to this covid year….
    As always…I enjoy reading your well crafted posts….
    So happy I Googled for TV info all those years ago…and found your black/orange site…
    I come here at least once a day…but usually a few times…
    Have a wonderful break and stay safe….🎄🎅🏿🍷

  3. Thankyou you DK for all your hard work through out the year, and what a year it was. All your hard work is always appreciated and we all love what you do. Hoping u and family have a tremendous Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2021 will be a much better you for everyone (Let’s hope)

  4. David enjoy your much needed and deserved break.
    For TV story of the year I nominate The Voice moving to Seven. The year’s Blunder is either Chris Sebastian winning or any televised awards show that left out someone very important during the In Memorium.

  5. A strange year indeed. All those years ago when you created this blog who would have envisaged one day a pandemic would become the topic of conversation…on a site dedicated to the television industry. Covid-19 has crept into all facets of industry and life.
    David enjoy your well-earned break in the company of friends and family. Or like me, take time out for yourself, settle back on the lounge with a bag of chips and binge watch something.
    Have a great Xmas 🎅

  6. Another herculean effort this year David; and as ever, your site is the go to. Really appreciate the way you have continued to bring news, reviews, interviews but most importantly – advocacy for the very industry we all consume and are so impassioned about – as are you. It’s what drives the success of TV Tonight. Have a great break. Happy viewing and stay safe. 🙂

  7. Thanks for another well informed year David, this is still the best TV blog/news website around. All your stories are real and factual. There are some out there that do post a lot of the fake news. Well done.

    Happy holidays.

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