Reputation Rehab: Dec 2

Reputation Rehab tonight turns its attention to former NRL star Todd Carney and ABC radio’s James Valentine.

We examine what happens when you lose control of your own media narrative through the eyes of a somewhat unlikely duo: former NRL star Todd Carney and ABC radio legend James Valentine.

Todd Carney has made plenty of mistakes in his time. But it was an exposing photo taken without his knowledge or consent then disseminated in the media that made him the 2nd most googled person in 2014 and ultimately ended his career in disgrace.

James Valentine on the other hand, found himself at the centre of an outrage storm for a single segment on his show. A single segment which he had not actually done, nor had any firm plan to ever do. Through these fascinating and completely different stories we learn how difficult it is to control the narrative… but that won’t stop Zoe and Kirsten trying to reframe “The Bubbler”!

9:05pm tonight on ABC.

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