Returning: Death in Paradise

Season 10 is fast-tracked to BBC First next week.

Season 10 of Death in Paradise is fast-tracked to BBC First next week.

The 8 part series stars Ralf Little, Joséphine Jobert & Don Warrington.

Original detective DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) who was killed off at the beginning of the third series, will have a cameo appearance, alongside his original sidekick DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) and her subsequent replacement after season four DS Florence Cassell (Josephine Jobert).

The smash-hit whodunit returns, as D.I. Neville Parker attempts to solve a slew of mysterious murders in the sun-soaked Caribbean

The hugely popular comedy-drama is back for its tenth anniversary series with its usual combination of baffling murders, intriguing puzzles and famous guest stars. There are also some big surprises in store – starting with the shock return of D.S Florence Cassell. Can Florence help Neville embrace life on the island? New characters turn up on shore – including 18-year-old petty criminal Marlon Pryce, who quickly stirs up trouble. The arrival of twins is the least of JP’s challenges as Marlon, and work, tests him to his limits. Meanwhile, Selwyn finds himself in the firing line and Catherine faces grave danger following the death of a friend.

Fridays at 8.30pm from January 8 on BBC First.

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  1. It could be getting to the end though. 10th season and they have just been repeating what they did with DI Poole with DI Parker. And everyone is returning for guest spots, though Jobert is listed as main cast, replacing Legastelois (who didn’t look particularly happy in the few eps I have watched recently). Martins left just before S5, where the writing was very lazy using to same plot for every episode. Before that the plots and detective work were good.

  2. Considering the location of this series it had every chance of lasting as long as it has, but 10 seasons!, time has certainly flown.
    I guess no one who is familiar with British detective shows should have been surprised that Death in Paradise has lasted for so long but I for one thought that with Ben Millers departure it had perhaps a couple of seasons left at best but the inspired casting of Kris Marshall save the show.
    I confess I lost interest in Death in Paradise when Sara Martins left, I have not watched many episodes since then finding the plots overused and formulaic.

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