Vale: David Lander

Actor David Lander, best known for Laverne & Shirley, has died aged 73.

He died on Friday in Los Angeles of complications related to multiple sclerosis, which he battled for 37 years.

Lander played Squiggy in the US sitcom from 1976 to 1982, opposite Michael McKean (Lenny) whom he had teaming up with in college. Both characters lived in the same block as Laverne & Shirley (Penny Marchsall, Cindy Williams) frequently stumbling through their front door at inopportune moments with Squiggy’s trademark “Hello.” The characters also appeared in Happy Days, the predecessor to the spin-off.

His other credits included 1941, Used Cars, A League of Their Own, Say It Isn’t So, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Green Lantern: First Flight, The Bob Newhart Show, Barney Miller, Viva Valdez, Twin Peaks, The Drew Carey Show, Oswald, Goldie & Bear, and SpongeBob Squarepants.

Source: Variety

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