What’s been the Best New Show of 2020?

These 5 Aussie shows are attracting interest with one week to go before voting closes.

We watched an awful lot of telly this year, but voting closes in one week for the 14th annual TV Tonight Awards if you want to acknowledge the best.

Amongst some of the titles attracting interest in the Best New Aussie Show of 2020 are (in no particular order) SAS Australia, The Secrets She Keeps, Stateless, LOL: Last One Laughing and Halifax: Retribution (it’s a new production so it yes, it qualifies).

There’s even a late burst from Total Control and Upright -sorry, both are 2019 premieres.

Meanwhile there are just two titles battling it out for line honours in the Best International New Show of 2020.

You can also cast votes for the worst shows of 2020.

You have until next Tuesday January 5 to vote here!

4 Responses

  1. If The Secrets She Keeps gets up, and I hope it does as it was sensational, clearly the readers of this site don’t participate in ratings surveys, as the numbers for it in the ratings are nowhere as positive as they are here…

  2. The Expanse season 5, which was released in December on Amazon Prime makes the number one show in 2020 for me, I appreciate the shows creative concept is not everyone’s cup of tea but for me it’s consistently provided some of the best written sci-fi seen on the small screen and there have been some excellent sci-fi / fantasy shows released this year.
    Mystery Road was the most enjoyable and binge worthy Australian made series released this year, long may it continue.

    1. I’m well into season 2 and really starting to get into it. I found season 1 pretty slow, but you start to get answers in season 2. Looking forward to seasons 3 to 5, so good to know you rate season 5 so highly. Visually it has to be the best space opera I’ve seen since BSG.

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