7plus claims top BVOD commercial share in 2020

7plus has finished 2020 calendar year with a 41.9% share of Broadcast Video on Demand viewership, amongst commercial FTA broadcasters.

9Now was second with a 41.1% commercial share and 10play was third with just 17%.

7plus also led in on-demand viewership with a 42.5% commercial share, ahead of 9Now (39.4%) and 10play (18.1%). It also led in key advertiser demographics across the year, including 25 to 54s, taking a 41.8% share in that age group, and increased its total viewership by an impressive 112%.

Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, Gereurd Roberts, said, “The extraordinary growth of 7plus in 2020 is a testament to our successful content strategy. Across the year, audiences were drawn to 7plus by both our prime time content and our library of exclusive and classic content. Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia and Home and Away [the #1 program on 7plus] led the way with their prime time strength, with exclusives and classic content including Station 19, Ally McBeal and Blue Heelers keeping audiences engaged and giving us a competitive advantage.

“Across the year, we continually enhanced the 7plus viewing experience, creating a superior environment for our audiences and delivering fantastic results for our partners,” he said.

But the BVOD numbers were a point of contention last year with some industry disagreement over the parameters and measurement.

“Forget what our rivals might claim: the official, industry-standard OzTAM data clearly shows that 7plus was #1 in 2020. We are determined to repeat that great result in 2021,” Roberts added.

“This year is going to be our biggest ever. We have a very strong slate of prime time tentpoles across the entire calendar year, teeing off with Holey Moley in just a couple of weeks and continuing with big shows such as Big Brother, The Voice, Ultimate Tag, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia, Dancing With The Stars: All Stars and many more.

“Add to that our unbeatable sports offering – including Supercars for the first time on 7plus – Home and Away, 7NEWS, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Better Homes and Gardens and The Chase, and it’s clear that we are set for a big year.

“The high point for 7plus in 2021 will be the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics, when we will offer a digital experience that will far exceed anything Australians have seen before. Tokyo is set to be the biggest digital event in Australian media history and will take 7plus to an even higher level.”

Source: OzTAM VPM 3.1, 2020 calendar year


  1. 9Now would have to be the worst, every time I start binging something on it I think never again, playing the same adverts multiple times sometimes in the one ad grouping and throughout the same episode is maddening, I can’t believe advertisers would be happy with that either as it puts you off their brand as your sick of seeing it.

  2. Interestingly, 7plus is the only one out of the three FTA streaming offerings that provides captions for most of their programs. 9Now and 10Play apps have no captions at all. Althought 7plus is still missing captions on odd episodes on some shows so its not perfect.

  3. 10Play is easily the biggest mess of a platform. Sure, episodes play. But it’s got so many broken features. If you start watching on one device, it’s a gamble as to whether another device will pick up where you left off. Shows are listed as having full seasons on the homepage when in reality the show has two or three episodes. Stuck on 576p. Have You Been Paying Attention frequently has segments flat out missing for a couple days until they fix it. The watermark is massive for some reason. ABC iView and SBS On Demand are easily the best BVODs. 9Now and 7Plus have been doing really well this year as well in my opinion. 10 need to step up their game.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    I watch 7play a lot….never watch 9…nothing of interest….not even registered….
    7play is easy to use…I also watch 7 live TV on my PC screen..it is the size of a small TV

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