ABC News tops Inauguration coverage

Here's how OzTAM numbers stacked up for Inauguration related coverage this week.

ABC News led coverage of the US Presidential Inauguration according to OzTAM numbers.

These are the top metro numbers for Inauguration related coverage from 2am AEDT Thursday January 21st.

They include coverage on both ABC News / ABC plus a concert on Seven.

The Inauguration of President Joe Biden: Highlights-AM ABC News 135,000
The Inauguration of President Joe Biden: Highlights-AM ABC TV 120,000
Celebrating America’s Inauguration Seven 104,000
The Inauguration of President Joe Biden: Speeches Encore-EV ABC News 89,000
The Inauguration of President Joe Biden: Highlights Encore-PM ABC News 83,000
The Inauguration of President Joe Biden: Speeches-PM ABC News 78,000
US Presidential Inauguration Nine 46,000

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  1. Thanks for posting the numbers for the inauguration. No surprises that the ABC won the ratings. And its not often we get to see the ratings for the wee hours of the morning (plus many encores / “repeats” on ABC News either), so thanks for it again.

  2. I watched it live and flicked around to see how all the channels were doing it. I ended up on Channel 10 because they just had a direct feed from CBS and had none of the annoying commentary from here re hashing and going over the same things and just talking for the sake of it. It’s OK to let the pictures speak for themselves folks haha

    1. I watched it on cnn via fetch which had all day coverage from when trump left no ad interruptions stopped talking when the intros took place I thought it was one of the best to watch.

      Probably people would prove me wrong because I watched cnn I’ve only had fetch for 2 weeks and still working out which u.s. news channel to watch at the moment. If I hadn’t had it I would’ve watched it on abc or seven I can’t stand Karl why watch him. At least sunrise always makes people feel good in the mornings

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