Airdate: Industry

UK drama Industry premieres next week on Foxtel and Binge.

Created and executive produced by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay it stars Myha’la Herrold, Marisa Abela, Harry Lawtey, David Jonsson and Nabhaan Rizwan.

This has been renewed for a second season. It debuted in the UK last November.

Industry follows a group of hungry, young graduates competing for a limited number of permanent positions at Pierpoint & Co., a leading bank in London, while being thrown head-first into the exhilarating world of international finance. From first-time creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, the drama series gives an insider’s view of the high-stakes financial realm through the eyes of an outsider, Harper Stern (Myha’la Herrold), a talented young woman from upstate New York who finds herself and her fellow young grads fueled by raw ambition, youth, romance, and drugs as they aim to impress their mentors and bosses. Examining issues of gender, race, class, and privilege in the workplace, Industry shows how these impressionable young minds begin to forge their identities within the pressure-cooker environment and sensory blitz of Pierpoint & Co’s trading floor, where meritocracy is promised but hierarchy is king.

Executive produced by Jane Tranter, Lachlan MacKinnon, Ryan Rasmussen, David P. Davis and by Ben Irving for BBC; Co-Executive produced by Ed Lilly; Produced by Lee Thomas.

8:30pm Monday February 1 on FOX Showcase / Binge.


  1. Brilliant series to watch, much more for the younger demographic (20-30’s) but also similar to Billions which means it was well filmed and the story lines were excellent. Shame it’s taken so long to air on Australian TV.

    • Don’t forget that the ‘Devils’ is screening on FoxNow, it’s not too bad.
      Stars Alessandro Borghi from Netflix’s Subbura: Blood of Rome, in a more sedate English language role.

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