BBC declines to comment on Jodie Whittaker rumour

“We won’t be commenting on any speculation around Jodie’s future on the show.”

So said a BBC spokesperson following a report that Jodie Whittaker is quitting Doctor Who and will -apparently- exit at the end of the upcoming season.

The original report from The Mirror claimed the Doctor would regenerate into a new guise, but showrunner Chris Chibnall would be staying. That would put her run at three seasons, same as Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, amongst others.

The story, and BBC’s failure to deny, has since been picked up by heavyweight reports including Variety, Deadline, ET, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

An 8 episode season, following coronavirus-related filming disruptions, is expected in Spring. Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole also recently departed.


  1. Personally I think Dr Who needs a bit of a rest to refresh.
    My past opinion has not changed that the BBC had plans to develop Dr Who as a popular franchise in the USA, the shows writers have been working at creating a balance between preserving the quirky Britishness of this 60’s -70’s show and what will most attractive for American audiences, thus we have Capt Jack Harkness and recent seasons with episodes located in the USA, it was a thankless task for those involved I would imagine.

    • Yeah that as well plus the big sale of the show to *China, however really could keep the PG side easily without having to kow-tow down to China’s sensibilities too much, I mean that’s how it was originally a bit scary for kids and intelligent enough for adults.

      *Basically through to Season 15:

  2. I’m a huge fan of Jodie as the Doctor and she’s honestly a shining light and absolutely amazing in the mix of some poor writing but even if she does leave (which i’ll be sad about) who will replace her? The fandom hate disgusts me. This fandom used to be amazing and some parts of it still are but the toxicity i’ve seen over the past few seasons, who would want to be The Doctor when they have to put up with a barrage of hate the moment they’re announced? Its a lose lose regardless unfortunately. Sorry to be blunt but someone has to say it.

    • Yep Peter Capaldi suffered the way, there was a great Doctor just waiting to come out but nope unfortunately never happened, you can see that in Jodie as well she’s seems to itching to just breakout and put her stamp on the role.

  3. They really need to get a another show runner and more experienced scifi writers. The characters are so flat and underdeveloped and stories rather pedestrian. They have so much potential but after 2 seasons I don’t feel like i know anyone and therefore hard to care about them.

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