Eurovision decision by mid-February

Organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest will decide by sometime in February which broadcast model will proceed for 2021 -but the event will go on in one shape or another.

There are 4 possible models planned for Rotterdam in May.

The Netherlands is currently seeing new COVID cases of around 4,000 – 9,000 per day while much of Europe is in lockdown.

This means a full scale event, Scenario A, is unlikely.

Scenario A: A normal Eurovision Song Contest
In this situation, the Eurovision Song Contest will be organised as normal from Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena with 9 shows (including the dress rehearsals) in a packed venue, with delegations and artists from all the participating broadcasters and numerous activities in and around Rotterdam.

Scenario B: Socially distant Eurovision Song Contest – at 1.5 metres
Everyone present at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam would need to practice social distancing and remain 1.5 metres from each other at all times. Again, there would be 9 shows, with an audience in the arena, but with limited capacity to allow for social distancing. Teams from each participating broadcaster would travel to Rotterdam, but with limits on the number of people in each delegation and on the number of press who could attend.

Scenario C: A Eurovision Song Contest with travel restrictions
Eurovision Song Contest, probably also socially distanced, from Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena as in scenario B, with 9 shows and a limited number of audience members in the arena. If there are any delegations who cannot travel to Rotterdam, their artists will perform from their own country.

Scenario D: Eurovision Song Contest in lockdown
Should the Netherlands end up in a lockdown-like situation again, there will be a Eurovision Song Contest without an audience and probably without activities in and around Rotterdam. The performances of the participants will all come from their own country. This recording will be delivered prior to the event and will take place in a studio setting. The recording will take place in real time (as it would be at the Contest) without making any edits to the vocals or any part of the performance itself after the recording.

As recently as this week Rotterdam’s accommodation providers confirmed they kept 3000 rooms reserved for the delegations expected to travel for Eurovision 2021.

SBS is yet to announce the song the be performed by Australia’s representative, Montaigne.

Source: wiwibloggs

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