Everything Adam & Symon said about I’m a Celebrity

Ex-Goggleboxers Adam Densten & Symon Lovett last night joined the cast of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (as correctly tipped by TV Tonight).

But when they were couch critics from 2015 – 2019 they had mixed feelings about the same show.

Here’s what they said from the safety of their couch. But how will they fare in the so-called jungle?

Chrissie Swan & son Leo reunion
Symon: “This is the best episode by a mile.”

When Freddie Flintoff wins King of the Jungle.
Adam:”That sucks the Englishman won.”
Symon: “That couldn’t have been done more badly.”
Adam: “Let’s draw it out and make it really anti-climactic.”

The Bachelor‘s Keira becomes an intruder.
Adam: “Keira was the Lorena, the one who kept it interesting.”
Symon: “Hence put her on this show.”

Celebs do water aerobics for fun.
Symon: “They’ve all lost the plot completely”
Adam: “They’ve been in the jungle for a long time.”

When US singer Tiffany arrives.
Symon: “Is it a bunch of people saying ‘Oh I know her!” Nup.”

On Bernard Tomic.
Adam “I’ve got some sympathy for him because he didn’t have a childhood. This is him being a teenager.”

Symon: “I bet you Roger Federer could get all 6 stars.”

As Tomic quits:
Adam: “If you don’t want to be labelled a quitter by the entire Australian population, don’t leave.”

Symon: He’s talking like he’s been there for 4 weeks. He’s been there 2 days.”
“I’ve had gastro that’s lasted longer.”

Adam: “First person ever to (quit) on the Australian version.”

As Anthony Mundine quits:
Adam: “Quitter.”

When Lisa & David Oldfield enter as intruders:
Adam: “We’ve got a couple of the biggest tools in Bunnings.”

On UK reality star Vicky Pattison:
Adam: “Vicky is the best on this show by a stretch…. I’ll watch it because of Vicki.”

When Angie & Yvie join the jungle:
Adam: “It’s so funny seeing Angie & Yvie…”

As Angie is evicted.
Adam: “They really are best mates aren’t they?”
Symon: “Not fake best mates like us.”

Adam: “You’ve shat on people for the last 5 years hanging out their ‘journey’  and you just said the word, ‘journey.’
Symon: “Sick. That’s my favourite part.”

Symon: “If you lasted longer than me I’d be so pissed. Could you imagine? For the rest of your life…”
Adam: “You’d be like, ‘I guess I won the popularity contest!'”

When a tearful Yvie declines a weigh-in.
Symon: “This was the best.”

As Yvie is runner up.
Adam: “She has been incredible.”


  1. carolemorrissey

    They didn’t say that many bad things. Unfortunately now that it’s on so early gogglebox isn’t usually on that early so we won’t get to see what they say about Simon & Adam. But my God I didn’t even recognise Adam. He’s grown his hair & looks so different.

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