Grant Denyer leads 10 reality cast

Grant Denyer, Toni Pearen, Jack Vidgen & Paulini amongst first celebs in 10 'jungle.'

The first nine cast members have been been unveiled by I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here for 2021.

Filmed near Murwillumbah, northern NSW, first cast members for 10 are:

Singer: Jack Vidgen
Comedian: Ash Williams
Reality Star: Abbie Chatfield
Star of the Street: Toni Pearen
Funny Lady: Mel Buttle
TV Star: Grant Denyer
Diva: Paulini
Footy star: Travis Varcoe
Radio star: Jess Eva

Still to come are:

Double Act
Brownlow Medallist
Renowned Chef
Blonde Bombshell

Curiously, amongst the reality cast are Jack Vidgen, who last week confirmed he was admitted to rehab for six weeks in August, and Grant Denyer, who is about to become a dad for the third time. Fun fact: Denyer was host of Australia’s Got Talent when Vidgen won in 2011 but conceded he barely recognised him.

It was a marathon opening episode in which cast were divided into three teams as part of the show’s adjustment for a pre-recorded season. But on social media many viewers (again) admitted to not recognising most of the cast. Who can blame them… several don’t even have their own Wikipedia listing. But it did help get the show trending.

The premiere included skydiving from a helicopter, splattering with gross food and a challenge made worse with snakes, spiders and bugs. Winners ate dinners with rewards varying from a delivered curry to uncooked rice & beans. 2020 winner Miguel Maestre also made a guest appearance.

All the while hosts Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown gently mocked the “Aussie jungle” aspect of the bush / rainforest.

Screening outside of the official 2021 ratings, the early launch is a big gamble by 10, but it did perform well in 2020 as a promotional platform for Australian Survivor. This year that focus goes to The Amazing Race Australia.

The winner of the series -still to be voted by viewers for a Live finale- will win $100,000 for their chosen charity.

And possibly revitalise their career.

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  1. I find it interesting that Grant Denyer used to host AGT in 2011 on 7. That year saw Jack Vidgen won the Title.
    Dipper is poised to join in the jungle. He was a 5-time premiership player for the Hawks. As well, he used to work on Channel 7’s AFL coverage until the end of 2001. I thought he still does AFL commentary on the radio.

    1. There have certainly been worse lists of participants for this kind of thing. I agree with the poster who said the Hemsworths and Nicole Kidmans of this world would not be involved but it would be good if they could raise their sights higher than “came last in one season of The Block” as one contestant voted. It also looks a bit sad when the contracted network personalities are forced into this kind of thing.

      Production values are fine but pacing was glacial – not even getting through announcing the celebrities involved in a show that ran more than two hours? Talk about straining the friendship with your viewers.

    1. I would have thought Abbie was also the blonde bombshell and reality tv star as to count blonde bombshell as it’s own clue makes it 13 celebs and only 12 are going in.
      Unless of course the blonde bombshell is an intruder for later in the series.

  2. There’s definitely been better casting, although hopefully the intruders will be exciting. Grant’s brilliant, although I do wish he went in with last year’s team.

    Both Mel and Abbie look like their already going to be firm favourites this season.

  3. 10 should be happy with the show, pulled it off very well, cast isn’t the greatest but also still done well there.

    However, cast our minds to February, that’s where I’m worried for not just 10 but Seven as well, “Amazing Race Aus” and “Holey Moley”, unless they surprise everyone and pull magical ratings and become the biggest new hits in recent years, it’s going to be very tough against the tennis and MAFS on Nine. Wonder if Big Brother could be ready to come to the rescue as a back up?

  4. My wife and I were wondering.. which one of these so called celebrities are really celebrities? We watched 5 minutes of it and cringed
    Most of these people we had to Wikipedia and see who they were and how they were celebrities..

    1. In which bonkers universe do people think a Hemsworth or Nicole Kidman are going to wander into the jungle… like, seriously.

      I think the title says “celebrity” because “I’m a somewhat recognised person in the current zeitgeist or have some nostalgic value and am fairly available for an appearance fee to sell myself on a television show… get me out of here!” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

    2. You think A list people will go in the jungle?
      A celebrity is a well known person. These people are well known in their fields or have been well known.
      There’s always someone moaning oh but I don’t know this person so how is this person a celebrity?
      I don’t know the sports person or Abbie or Ash but that doesnt meant they are not a celeb cos I don’t know them. Lots of other people know them.

    3. This same complaint comes up every season.

      No celebrity with a successful current career is going to go and eat spiders in a jungle to try and win a popularity contest. This show is for past celebrities trying to resurrect their careers (or who are desperate for money) or up and coming wannabe celebs (i.e. reality tv show contestants/influencers) who will do anything for a bit more exposure.

      The show usually manages to get a few decent names who will bring in viewers and maybe a random Hollywood celeb from the past for the kooky factor, but the likes of Cate Blanchett and Kevin Rudd are never going to put themselves through this.

    1. This is a question perhaps best not answered. He is a strange man indeed. He’s a bit-part actor, a podcast comedian, and a TV host, who attempts to live a poor-man’s Rock and Roll lifestyle, but never seems to have any money.

    2. yes i was thinking that last night when the ‘celebrities’ were revealed. Admittedly i’ve not seen alot of live standup but watch a fair bit of tv including late night standup material on abc etc but i have never hard of the guy before. And he doesn’t seem funny in the slightest to me.
      Don’t think i’ll be watching much this year, i like some of the celebs but so far opening titles, challenges, camp set, outfits etc is like going into a timezone from previous years *yawn*…and its 2 hours per episode!

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