Mel Buttle quits I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Comedian Mel Buttle has quit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here after three nights in the ‘jungle.’

She attributed her struggle to an extreme phobia of snakes, after one was spotted by new campmate Pettifleur Berenger nearby.

But she previously indicated she was struggling with boredom, hunger and feeling like an outsider in camp. The fear of snakes appeared to be a straw that broke the camel’s back.

Her fellow cast members rallied around as she apologised, tearfully. Footballer Travis Varcoe was particularly affected by her departure, having confided in her earlier.

“I know I’m going to regret it,” Buttle said.

Later adding, “I’ve made some really good friends. That’s what hurts about leaving them here. You just feel guilt. You just feel terrible.”

Buttle becomes only the third cast member to ever quit the 10 reality series, joining sports stars Anthony Mundine and Bernard Tomic.

“You’ll get some d***head now,” she joked with her cast members.

Not long after MKR judge Colin Fassnidge entered camp, a replacement for Pete Evans who failed to launch.


  1. Mel was really funny and I will miss the Toni Pearen comments.

    But yeah maybe she did feel like a bit of an outsider. But good on her for giving it a go.

  2. I think it was all the singing, really. She looked like her brain was going to implode! Casually slinking snakes was the last straw. Really sad to see her go.

  3. I do
    ;t think a jungle where there are snakes

    I don’t think the jungle is a good place to get over a fear of snakes. Someone else could have come into the jungle.

  4. I suspect she felt that if she encountered a snake in a challenge, she could immediately withdraw from that particular challenge (i.e. she had some control over the situation). With snakes roaming around the campsite, any perceived control disappeared. Phobias are irrational and those who suffer from them know this. Good on her for giving the experience her best shot and for knowing when to call time on it.

  5. jezza the first original one

    I don’t suppose a fellow camp mate getting bitten on the face several times the previous day in a challenge helped much….

  6. Why would you go on the show if you know you’re scared of snakes, when you know there’s snakes on the show and you’ll be expected to do challenges with snakes? Did she only go on because of the money?

    • She knew they would have snakes provided in a controlled manner, but hadn’t thought about them being out and about near the camp where they walk around. That’s where she realised she wouldn’t be able to sleep or walk to the bathroom etc. Totally understandable.

  7. Love Mel, seen her live a few times, really enjoy her on Bake Off. But, if you know you have a snake phobia, is this really the reality show for you to sign on to appear in?

    • I suspect she signed on to try and conquer her phobia – or at least face it – but it got the better of her.

      I had hoped that she’d get through at least the first week though.

    • I reckon the lack of food and coming down from lack of caffeine/sugar/weapon of choice is probably the main reason she struggled. I love Mel too but she always looked bored!

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