Name That Tune debuts in US

New US game show Name That Tune, filmed in Sydney, premiered in the US in the past week.

The classic game show reboot, produced by Eureka, is hosted by Jane Krakowski with Randy Jackson as musical director. It premiered this week on FOX following The Masked Dancer. It drew 3.04m total viewers, beating a CBS News special and Nancy Drew.

You can see a full episode here until it gets deleted by YouTube.


  1. As someone who has seen many incarnations of Name That Tune over the years, I note the tradition is continuing. Americans call it “Name That Toon” while Aussies call it “Name That Choon”.

  2. I do love the image quality of it, why is it that American shows look filmed differently that Australia and is it not possible for our shows to be recorded in that format?

    • The USA’s population is nearly 13 times that of Australia’s population. Ergo for glittery US productions there are usually more $$$$ for production elements like spotlights, edge lighting on the set, etc. There’s a fair chance that the production budget for Name That Tune was a lot higher than for an Australian TV production filmed on the very same stage.

      And … US production companies are considerably advantaged by the stronger $USD exchange rate in comparison to the weaker $AUD. Going back only a couple months, the currency exchange rate was only about 71/72 cents AU to the USD.

    • Furthermore, US shows tend to be filmed in 23.976 frames per second (but broadcast in 29.976 using a technique called 3:2 pulldown to disguise the resultant duplicate frames) or 29.976fps due to the fact that NTSC is still the picture standard for broadcast. While Australian TVs can accommodate multiple refresh rates (unlike the days of CRT TVs) our content is still broadcast at 25fps (PAL standard), so U.S. shows are typically sped up by about 4% to make up for the discrepancy in the case of 23.976 filmed content (23.976 is also the theatrical standard, so, most if not all Aussie films will be sped up for broadcast as well).

      • er … no … US shows are not “sped up by about 4%” they are simply standards-converted and run at the same speed … the only time that the “3:2 pulldown” is used in US TV is when actual celluloid film (shot at 24 frames per second which is “the theatrical standard” for film, not 23.976) is transferred by telecine … made-for-TV film in PAL countries is shot at 25fps so no speeding up is needed, but film originally made for theatrical release (24fps) used to be sped up for Oz TV, however most “film” arrives these days already transferred to digital so no speeding up takes place any more … none of this has anything to do with the “look” of this production …

  3. I like the concept, but can’t stand how “American” it is e.g. all the dancing, sweeping audience shots every 20 seconds, the over-the-top lighting. Interesting it’s filmed in Sydney yet they’ve selected American contestants. You wouldn’t be able to tell if not for the disclaimer at the end of the show.

        • Yep especially on that night (Weds Jan 06th), 9pm start with 118,000 more than the Masked Dancer before it, number 2 show for the night on FTA in all ages for Sales Demo’s. With Demo Shares similar apart from the 50+ who were tuned into the News Shows about the Washington “Protest” most of which were on NBC. Also Cable where CNN dominated having the entire top 10 from 10.1 mil to 5.4 mil (and that was at 20 past Midnight). In fact for Cable it was all news up until number 39, top 50 after that only had 3 other Shows, NBA, AEW, Real Housewives, basically the top 50 was all CNN, FOX News and MNBC.

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