Oops. Kayo apologises after Warne, Symonds sledge

Kayo Sports has apologised after comments made by Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds about cricketer Marnus Labuschagne were accidentally broadcast.

Both criticised Labuschagne for his eccentric mannerisms at the crease, apparently unaware the cameras were recording.

The Age reports Symonds said, “Do something now to his ADD (attention deficit disorder) f***ing pills.”

“Yeah, f—,” Warne responded. “Jeez it’s annoying. ‘No!!!’ Just f—ing bat properly,” Warne said, referring to Labuschagne’s unorthodox behaviour.

Symonds then suggests “we’ll have to give him the hog pile” – a term which refers to a group of people jumping on top of a person.

“Mate, if you keep that shit up we’re going to squash your guts out your arse,” Symonds says, drawing a laugh from Warne.


  1. I know he’s popular but I can’t stand a bar of Warne nor alot of commentators of cricket,I just mute the sound as they all basically talk crap from go to whoa.

    • I used to like Warne as a commentator, but he has been drinking his own bath water for too long and is cringe worthy now.

      Fox/Kayo commentator is always too ‘matey’ for me. I haven’t minded the CH7 cricket commentators.

    • The ABC have great commentators and they call the game rather than talk (rubbish) for the sake of it. I listen to ABC radio through the ABC listen app as I watch the pictures. To get it in synch here’s what you do. Watch the pictures through your DVD, pause the picture. Wait for the ABC commentary to catch up and release pause (I usually pause TV as the bowler is releasing the ball) you can hear the bowler step onto the pitch and release pause at that stage. You may need to do some dvd fine tuning to get the program in synch. I do the same with football games too. Give it a go!

  2. I find it interesting Kayo use a separate stream – I’d have though they’d just use the Fox Sports broadcast, and not stream separate vision / feeds?!

    • In my past experience Kayo use Fox Sports content but don’t include their advertising slots, examples of this can be seen with their on demand A-League coverage which is a continuous stream and may include a stationary camera shot at half time when Fox Sports would be showing commercials.

  3. And a reminder for the bogans. That thing in front of your mouth is a microphone. It may just be broadcasting at any time. Assume that it may be. Foul language, particularly in daytime is unacceptable.

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