Returning: 60 Minutes

Tom Steinfort investigates the mysterious disappearance of the once high-flying NSW businesswoman, Melissa Caddick.

Sunday marks the start of the 43rd year of 60 Minutes and in the season premiere Tom Steinfort investigates the mysterious disappearance of the once high-flying NSW businesswoman Melissa Caddick.

By all accounts Melissa Caddick loved the good things in life. And splashing cash on anything she wanted was never a problem. She was loaded. Caddick always looked a million bucks in her designer clothes, she travelled first class everywhere, and called a stunning Sydney mansion home. She claimed her wealth was the result of her brilliance in business, and generously for her friends and family, she offered to share her financial secrets. The deal she proposed to them was simple: if they trusted her with their retirement savings, everyone would win. But it was a lie. Eleven weeks ago, Melissa Caddick and twenty million dollars of money that wasn’t hers suddenly vanished.

Tom Steinfort reports the latest developments in the police search for Caddick; traces her last known moments before she disappeared; interviews the former friends who were duped after entrusting her with their hard-earned savings; and asks Caddick’s husband, Anthony Koletti, about the accusations against his wife.

Steinfort’s story also introduces 60 Minutes’ special investigator, former homicide detective Gary Jubelin, who provides expert analysis about Melissa Caddick’s likely whereabouts.

Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Tracey Hannaford, Alex Bernhardt

8:45pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. Wow what a weak ” non story ” that was …basically heating up and rehashing everything we already knew about the case…and nothing new revealed apart fro a few seconds of police footage of Melissa during the raid on her home.
    And as for the Police Chief in charge of tracking her down , well let’s just say I don’t think Melissa has anything to worry about.

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