Returning: Death in Paradise, Call the Midwife.

UK dramas Death in Paradise & Call the Midwife are back on ABC Saturdays in early February.

Death in Paradise returns with Season 9.
Saturday, 6 February at 7.30pm on ABC
Detective Inspector Jack Mooney may have settled into life on the glorious Caribbean island of Saint Marie, but the murders keep coming. From an apparent serial killer on the loose on New Year’s Eve to an artist found poisoned in her studio, the cases are more baffling than ever. And an unexpected romantic encounter prompts some soul-searching for Jack.

With the news that Jack is leaving, the team are in need of a new DI, who arrives in the form of one Detective Inspector Neville Parker from Manchester. Which is lucky, because Neville’s a brilliant puzzle-solving detective with an incomparable knowledge and intellect. The only problem is, Neville is allergic to anything and everything and refuses to live outside his comfort zone. Which means the Caribbean is basically a living nightmare for him. He can see how Saint Marie is wonderful for those who love it, but it really doesn’t agree with him. For DI Neville Parker at least, paradise it is not…

Neville can’t complain for long though: he has some puzzling murders to solve. From a survival expert stabbed on a remote island to a woman killed behind two locked doors, Neville has his work cut out from the get-go. As do the rest of the team, as they try to make sense of their new boss…

Call the Midwife also returns with Season 9.
Saturday 8:30pm February 6 on ABC.
The medics and midwives of Nonnatus House encounter new challenges as the population shifts, rules change, and old diseases return. Meanwhile, their own experiences are fuelled by love, loss, and doubt.

January 1965. As the nation mourns the death of Winston Churchill, tower blocks multiply, and a new East End rises from the ashes of the old. Society becomes more prosperous, but more complex.

The Nonnatus House team of medics and midwives face unexpected challenges as the population shifts, rules change, and old diseases come back to haunt them. Alongside the joy and optimism of birth, they must cope with cases including diphtheria, drug abuse, cancer, tuberculosis, and fistula.

As well as getting to grips with the real-world events unfolding around them – from serious political developments to the latest music, movies, and fashion. Meanwhile, the very future of Nonnatus House comes under threat.

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