Returning: Gogglebox

Season 13 of Gogglebox returns to both Foxtel and 10 in mid February.

Returning this year is Emmie, back on the couch with her daughter Kerry Silbery and granddaughter Isabelle, after restrictions prohibited her appearance throughout much of 2020. Best friends Kaday and Chantel have also moved to a new home.

Foxtel’s Brian Walsh has recently announced a Celebrity Gogglebox is in the pipeline for 2021 from Endemol Shine Australia.

Group General Manager of LifeStyle Wendy Moore said, “The success of the past twelve seasons of Gogglebox comes down to the simple fact that we are all craving an authentic connection with people we can relate to. Our Gogglebox families are such a great reflection of all of us and watching them share our own experiences has become part of our collective survival kit in the past twelve months!”

Also returning happily married couple and grandparents Lee and Keith, Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye, close-knit but fight-over-the-remote family The Daltons and fun loving, cricket mad Delpechitra family who are all ready to get acquainted with the latest our television screens have to offer.

Ready to return to their lounges with their dry and delightfully honest opinions are Dealers of Indigenous Art Mick and Di; parents Matty and Sarah Marie with bub Malik and “uncle” Jad; brother and sister foodies Tim and Leanne; flatmates, surfing mates and best mates Milo and Nic and the Sydney clan of five, the Elias family.

7:30pm Wednesday February 17 on LifeStyle
8:30pm Thursday February 18 on 10.


  1. I was happy that the show is back. But then you watched 4 corners a one sided show that didn’t even show the full story. and then had all of the cast blamed trump because based on that shows edited story. Anyway now that it’s all out that he didn’t incite the insurrection I hope you all know the hole truth now. And if you don’t belive me listen to the hole speech not just the edited one. Also how can you incite a insurrection when it was planned the day before by members of antifa/BLM

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