Returning: SWAT

Season 4 of SWAT begins on FOX One this coming Sunday.

These episodes premiered in the US in November.

‘S.W.A.T.’ is an action-drama TV show that tells the story of Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson and his elite Special Weapons and Tactics Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. In the season 3 finale, the squad is in hot pursuit of a group of drug smugglers and their enigmatic leader, Diablo. After causing the criminals’ plane to crash landing the suburbs, the team launches a door-to-door search. Chris gets shot by Diablo and his men, but her vest saves her life. During a confrontation with Hondo, Diablo speaks about preventing an impending incident that Hondo and his team will want to stop as well.

Sunday January 17 at 9.00pm on FOX One.

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