Returning: The Last Leg

The Last Leg returns to ABC next Wednesday.

It premieres in the UK on Saturday, Australian time.

Fast-tracked from the UK, Adam, Josh and Alex return in 2021 for a new season of The Last Leg to look at the COVID situation in the UK and Trump’s impeachment. Special guests Sue Perkins, Rose Matafeoand Munya Chawawa.

9:50pm Wednesday January 20 on ABC.


  1. The New Years Eve show was definitely pre-recorded, he was tweeting from the Victorian coast somewhere at the time.
    For those that don’t want to wait for the ABC on Wednesday to air it, the YouTube channel ‘Gazebo’ usually has it up within 24 hours, and unlike the edited ABC version it’s the full thing, ad free. Plenty of other UK shows uploaded there as well.

  2. Since when has four and a half days been fast tracked? IMO anything not showing the same day as the original broadcast (allowing for time zone difference) shouldn’t claim to be fast tracked.

  3. They really are fast tracking it then – not sure why it gets 90 minutes to start with – it’s as if they knew Trump would do something big before he left.

    Surprised it’s returning so quick with Adam only just having returned home – assume he is back in the studio rather than hosting remotely, so must have landed back here New Years Day. The UK government ten months in finally thinking it might be a good idea to have tighter border controls, so hope he gets back.

  4. I understand Adam Hills has to make his money and I have no issue with this. He has flown between UK and Australia twice since the pandemic started. The last time was just for a month to see his family at Christmas. That seat could have been used for someone who has been stranded in the UK since March. As a result of this sticking in my throat I am questioning to actually watch this tomorrow.

    • It wasn’t even a month, it was less than 1 week (excluding quarantine) as Adam was back in the UK to broadcast live “The Last Leg of the Year” on New Year’s Eve.

      • “The Last Leg of the Year” was pre-recorded. Adam Hills was still in Melbourne until the 7th/8th of Jan. Down the coast with his family. I don’t blame him wanting to come home for Christmas.

        • I stand corrected … I did think it was a bit odd at the time, but I didn’t see a tweet from Adam beyond 22/Dec tweet that he had departed quarantine … just a heap of re-tweets.

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