SBS on Demand: La Unidad, For Life, State Of Happiness

New Scandi-dramas are streaming via SBS.

Spanish thriller drama La Unidad, Norwegian crime drama For Life and Norwegian period drama State Of Happiness were all added to SBS on Demand yesterday.

La Unidad
All six episodes available to stream. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Based on the real experiences of counterterrorism professionals, La Unidad follows the members of a police unit – led by commissioner Carla Torres (Nathalie Poza) – and their fight against jihadist terrorism. When the most wanted terrorist leader is captured in Spain, it turns the country into a target. For Carla and her team, they face the insurmountable task of stopping an impending attack, while also trying to resolve conflicts in their personal lives that their job has, in part, stolen from them.

For Life
All eight episodes available to stream. In Norwegian with English subtitles.
Procedural crime series For Life centres around Victoria Woll (Tone Mostraum, Eyewitness), a hardened National Crime Service investigator. The story follows her across two different timelines: in the present, where it’s her job to solve cases and put criminals behind bars, and in the future, where she is locked up in prison. Each episode follows a present-day, standalone case, whilst intermittently revealing new pieces to the continuing puzzle about Victoria and why she is fighting for her freedom. Other cast members include Iselin Shumba (Kielergata), Ingar Helge Gimle (Norsemen), Judy Karanja (Valkyrien), Mattis Herman Nyquist (Nobel) and Bjarte Hjelmeland (Home Ground, Mammon).

State Of Happiness
All eight episodes available to stream. In Norwegian with English subtitles.
It’s the summer of 1969 in the small coastal town of Stavanger, Northern Europe. International oil companies have been test drilling for years, but nothing has been found and they are in the process of leaving. Phillips Petroleum, however, are contracted to drill a final hole. Stavanger lives off fish, and the North Sea is emptying out. Something has to happen. The town is in crisis. The night before Christmas 1969, the gas flare at the Ocean Viking is lit. Phillips has found the largest sub sea oil basin in history, and everything is about to change. We follow our four young protagonists from just before the first major oil find in Norway, and through the wild growth that follows. The four primary characters are American lawyer Jonathan (Bart Edwards), Anna (Anne Regine Ellingsæter), a secretary at the mayor’s office, Christian (Amund Harboe), a north sea diver from a wealthy family and Toril (Malene Wadel), a fish canning factory worker from a religious background. The story is built around these four individuals and their families, who in different ways represent aspects of society and the way it changes. Their stories are closely woven together, and they are all affected by the societal changes brought about by the discovery of oil: the emergence of the welfare state and equal rights, work immigration and economic growth.

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