Should the Logie Awards move to Sydney this year?

Should the Logie Awards be held in Sydney this year?

It’s a question some have been asking after border restrictions and uncertainty has led to the Screen Forever conference abandoning Gold Coast plans for an online model.

TV critic Colin Vickery and Studio 10‘s Angela Bishop floated the question which is surely one worth asking…

Last year’s Logie Awards were postponed to 2021 in an agreement between TV Week and partners Tourism and Events Queensland, The Star and Nine Network. After losing the 2020 event they will be unlikely to want 2021 moved.

The Logies is expected to be held in late June on the Gold Coast, but certainty will be needed well before that for planning purposes.

Sydney is home to the lion’s share of the television industry, with Melbourne having hosted the most events, including an unbroken run from 1987 – 2017.

In 2017 Tourism NSW even lodged an expression of interest in a regional town hosting the event, and premier Gladys Berejiklian backing a NSW event. A #BringTheLogiestoDubbo social media campaign was quickly endorsed by the Dubbo RSL.

Planning for 2021 nominations (which will encompass a two year period) are due to get underway shortly.

Where should the Logies be held in 2021?

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  1. Plan for the GC, but also plan for industry audiences in Sydney and Melbourne, if border restrictions are still a thing then.
    I really hope it goes ahead this year, no matter what the capacity.

  2. Just hope that they revert to the original voting process for the Popular Awards. Where we choose from a list of 80 or so Actors, Actresses and Presenters (yes, there were still some omissions), compared to the new system of us public choosing from only 5 each… And the voting process to start soon? I hope it is soon….!

  3. Yes, at least somewhere in NSW…not only are many network talent based there (many Melburnians have already flown up) but it would mean less quarantining (than if it were held in Queensland).

  4. Logistically, a regional centre or major centre away from the larger metropolitan cities could be a good idea. It would be less prone to potential restrictions. Possibly a place with good aviation and logistical links like Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Townsville etc. A good opportunity to acknowledge and promote regional appreciation for film and TV, and up and coming regional production centres in Australian already on the radar of established film and TV producers. Take Liam Neeson’s ‘Blacklight’ filming in Canberra or ‘Dive Club’ filming in Cairns / Port Douglas for example.

  5. … reckon it should be like the Eurovision Song Contest … the show moves to where the last Gold Logie winner’s show comes from … for example, if Rodger Corser from Doctor Doctor wins, the next Logies should come from Mudgee …

  6. Could a hybrid ceremony across two or three locations be the answer – smaller events in Melbourne and Sydney and perhaps if necessary the Gold Coast anchoring it all together, switching to the relevant location for each winner.

  7. People love the Logies no matter how many people comment on it. Yes it is still relevant. They can do it online. All the other award show can see how it was done. All Hail The Logies

  8. The logies are irrelevant no buys the mag no one watches the logies a waste of money for a mag that is way past its used by date whos going to be the international star no one they like the Oscars a waste of time that no one watches

    • There’s still relevance, particularly now voting is online (although as we’ve seen, this is easily skewed through campaigning). I haven’t watched in a long time as the telecast is just so cringe and overly long.

    • No one watches the Logies you say. Obviously that’s incorrect and I’m sure there are some who also buy the magazine. Just cos you don’t watch doesn’t automatically mean that other people don’t watch.

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