Tara Dennis quits Better Homes & Gardens

Interior decorator Tara Dennis has announced she is leaving Better Homes & Gardens after 14 years with the show, to focus on her retail business.

On Facebook she wrote, “A new year can often mean a fresh perspective so as we ease into 2021 I’m letting you know I’m changing things up a little.

“After more than 24 years as a presenter on Australian television, 14 of those appearing as the Decorating Presenter on Better Homes and Gardens TV, I have made the decision to step back from my role in order to focus on my business and importantly my family.”

She added, “I will certainly miss my role on Better Homes & Gardens as well as my ‘TV family’ but am excited to be moving forward in a positive way. I look forward to continuing to be able to deliver inspiration in new ways through our stores as well as our online platforms. I hope you can continue to follow our creative journey.”

On Instagram host Johanna Griggs said she was both excited and torn for her colleague.

“I’m also excited cause not many people get to leave TV on their terms… but I’m also incredibly sad as we now have really big shoes to fill,” she said. “Tara is so elegant, classy and talented… So before you ask – BHG aren’t rushing to replace her. We will take our time making that decision. If you haven’t visited her stores before, or shopped them online – add it to your bucket list, as Tara’s effortless style and class is so clearly obvious in every single item she chooses to display. I hope you can join me in congratulating her on a wonderful TV career, and wish her well in her business adventures. She deserves that…”


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