TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2020

These are the shows that were given the thumbs down by readers and the Most Overexposed Personalities in 2020.

Readers have voted Plate of Origin as the Worst Australian Show of 2020.

The show hosted by former MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules judges beat out Married at First Sight and three Seven network shows for the title.

It also ranked highly for the Blunder of the Year in the annual TV Tonight Awards -that glory went to Pete Evans for a single Facebook post which drew multiple headlines and saw brands cutting ties.

Meanwhile Sonia Kruger has taken line honours in the Most Overexposed Personality despite only appearing on Big Brother in 2020 -she has at least 3 shows confirmed for 2021 (and a 4th is rumoured). Osher Gunsberg, who fronted 4 shows for 10 last year, has moved up to second place.

The penultimate Keeping Up with the Kardashians takes out the Worst International Show category.

Worst Aussie Show: Plate of Origin 
Married at First Sight
My Kitchen Rules / Pooch Perfect / Sunrise
(2019 Married at First Sight)

Worst International Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians 
The Masked Singer (US)
Love Island
Tiger King
Tipping Point / NCIS
(2019 The Big Bang Theory)

Most Overexposed Personality: Sonia Kruger 
Osher Gunsberg
Grant Denyer
Eddie McGuire
Karl Stefanovic
(2019 Grant Denyer)

Blunder of the Year: Pete Evans Facebook post 
Plate of Origin
10 axes News staff
Ellen De Generes backstage drama
Cancel culture: Fawlty Towers, 30 Rock, Come Fly with Me, Chris Lilley
(2019 George Calombaris staff underpayments impact MasterChef)

Tomorrow: Channel of the Year, (Second Biggest) Story of the Year.

20 Responses

  1. I always try and support Aussie drama, but Between Two Worlds was shocking. I got about half way through hoping by miracle it would improve, but no.
    The script wasn’t good & some of the acting was dreadful.

  2. I cannot remember what I’ve voted in the Blunder category. I actually voted for the ratings delay. I was so impatient of the daily ratings to come. I wanted to know about the ratings for tentpoles including Big Brother, Ninja and The Bachelor.

      1. Carolemorrissey you’re not the only one! We really liked it in our household too. They can’t all be Masterchefs, but we felt it was a cut above MKR and all of those other cooking shows that lasted just one season whose names are instantly forgotten!

      2. I agree …I really liked it….i found editing let it down a lot….like Judges under shelter…pouring rain…switch to contestants …no rain…so judges were not even really there??

    1. Talk about contradicting yourself enormously. You said and I quote “both owned by Seven Media, biased crap, they are incapable of impartiality”. Do you have any “grievance” that Nine is now owned by Fairfax media, or is your “grievance” aimed wholly as Seven have been improperly accused of being a media kingdom with right wing partiality? Thank you, end of subject, case closed.

  3. Worst Aussie shows, gee I wonder if that will be page three news in the West Australian, oh that’s right we only get biased reports, bet there will be something about nine. Channel seven sux…

    1. You say Channel seven sux… Think twice before making such an affirmation. Channel Nine is the very description of hubris. Regardless Of having two years of ratings ascendancy, they will be stripped of it in which I look forward to. Let’s not overlook Seven trailing the 2020 ratings season by a fractional sum.

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