TV war as Nine moves MAFS special against 7, 10.

Nine pits a MAFS Reunion special against Seven's Holey Moley and 10's Amazing Race Australia.

It’s war.

Networks are rolling out their big guns on Monday February 1st in a bid to win viewers.

Nine has confirmed a Married at First Sight: Grand Reunion special will take on the launch of Seven’s Holey Moley and the return of The Amazing Race Australia.

The first of Nine’s MAFS special screens at 7pm next Sunday while a second -which was originally scheduled a week later- has now been brought forward to Monday February 1.

Seven has a lot riding on the success of Holey Moley, while 10 pins its hopes on a local route for The Amazing Race Australia. Nine does not plan to give either any oxygen even though official ratings do not start until Sunday February 7.

Nine does not want either show to attract any following while the Australian Open delays its new MAFS season.

Game on…

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  1. These comments give me faith in TV Tonight readers (viewers?). Also The Amazing Race and Holey Moley for me although I record everything anyway, not sure why anybody watched any ads in 2021.
    Interestingly, whenever I see a TAR post on Facebook, I never see any negative comments, only positive. Look through a MAFS post and it will be every different. TAR is just feel-good television, as is Holey Moley.

    1. Ditto…the TV tonight Community are a discerning bunch 😉. I have no time for Reality shows that are based on the
      3 B’s ….Bitchiness/Bullying/Bullshit. TAR is entertaining and a game of strategy and skill, and Holey Moley looks like good fun, without any pretence. I’m a Celebrity has been feelgood fun and that’s just what most of us need at the moment.

  2. Same here, will watch holey and amazing race, let’s hope 9s move backfires on them this time.
    Hopefully the nation has moved past trash like MAFS after the terrible year we’ve just been through.

  3. Interesting weeks ahead! Obviously these are just personal guesses / thoughts, but here’s what I can see possibly happening:

    Tonight: Diana giving Celeb a run for its money, both 700k metro give or take. BBL again dwarfed.

    Next few days: Celeb 600-700k, with Millionaire to do solid enough 550-650k for true fans or those wanting nostalgia. BBL again probably third.

    Next Sunday: Celeb first (winner and final), 850k-1m metro, Married second 800k, BBL again languishing well behind.

    Mon Feb 1 (next day): Holey Moley premiere 975k sticky beakers, Married special ep2 750k, Amazing Race premiere 725k.

    Nights after that: Holey Moley to start to crash and maybe burn, Amazing Race hold around 600k, Nine steady as she goes.

    Mon Feb 8: Aus Open should domimate by then, especially with no Celeb and BBL this year against it and particularly the better the matches are and the deeper…

  4. Definitely watching Amazing Race, like most other viewers. Hate that Nine always change their schedule at the last minute, they currently have many series that have not fully been aired because of frequent and annoying schedule changes.

  5. I’ll tune in to the Amazing Race Australia. It shows that the networks are keen to attract viewers early, to lead into success for the beginning of the ratings season.
    The MAFS advert was a little inappropriate, with a quote: “The b!#ch is back”

  6. I mean its smart programming and saw this coming a mile off. Nine are known for backflips and late changes but kind of petty at the same time. Kind of like the show itself. A bunch of pettiness. Not worth my time of day. I’ll still be watching The Amazing Race.

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