Update: Hot Seat at 3pm in Perth

Hot Seat is relegated to mid-arvo in the West.

Nine is screening Hot Seat in a 3pm slot in Perth, a big difference to the 5pm slot it gets in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

In the west the schedule is now:

3pm Hot Seat
4pm Tipping Point
5pm Nine News at 5
6pm Nine News

Things differs again in Adelaide:

3pm Tipping Point
4pm Hot Seat
5pm Nine’s Afternoon News
6pm Nine News

Host Eddie McGuire recently told TV Tonight, “We suffer a bit because Adelaide and Perth are dominated by Channel Seven and their news. Perth in particular, it’s Kerry Stokes’ town, and he does a great job. (Seven has) the Telethon, AFL football in those two particular states, and the fact (Nine) were never really part of the Packer network. We only had the East Coast.

“We also know the East Coast is where it’s at for revenue and we’re killing them.”

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  1. The only thing I don’t understand about this is why you’d watch the Nine News at 5 bulletin. Even on the promos they say something like “and in more depth with Tommo at 6”.

  2. Poor Eddie Maguire. Pushed to a crappy 3pm slot out in Perth (and 4pm in Adelaide). But cant really blame Nine for doing it. Its ratings showed that Hot Seat didnt work at 5pm in those two cities. And glad that Eddie admitted that too.

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